I knew I wanted my own business when I was nine years old. I embarked upon a number of entrepreneurial ventures as a child – one of which was collecting pumice stones on the beach one summer and selling them to tourists. I frequently collected my old toys and books and when I had enough I would sell them on the side of the road. I also used to pretend I had my own business in the school holidays and would make my younger brother and sister play ‘offices’ with me, I was always the boss!

On the more professional side of things, I have 20 years’ experience, working initially in Kenya in a graphic design studio, then in London in PR for a number of global brands including luxury cruise lines, hotels, tourist boards and retail companies. I then moved to become a business manager and PA, and at one point an events manager.

I then decided to go freelance as the full time working world with its constant demands just didn’t work for me as a highly sensitive introvert. I found commuting in London overwhelming and was using alcohol to cope, so my health was deteriorating. Since then I have supported small businesses and start-ups with their online business set up, business processes, HR, PR and marketing. I also re-trained as a holistic health and wellness coach with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and have been working with clients since 2015 to support them with their overall holistic wellbeing, particularly in today’s fast-paced world.

I am also a Colour Mirrors therapist and use the power of colour in all areas of my work.

I am the author of two book babies: Embodied – A self-care guide for sensitive souls, and Embodied Business - A guide to grounding and aligning your business chakras for empathpreneurs. I use colour and past life, ancestral and inner child regressions to help you tune into the root cause of issues/blocks (that are holding you back in your business - and life) so that they can be released, re-written or healed. I have also been leading virtual circles and workshops for the past five years to help us connect with what it is we are here to do, as well as live more in tune with our varying needs and the cycles and seasons of this planet.

Wellness is as an essential part of the work I do. No more burn out and hustling at all hours, as it's simply NOT sustainable. To create a business that nourishes you, and supports the planet, this is an integral part.

I’m an eternal student and always have a few non-fiction books on the go, attend personal growth and mindset workshops, and do regular courses and trainings on topics ranging from menstrual cycle awareness to clearing money blocks and limiting beliefs, which will help me to support you.

Above all I have been told (and it is my aim to) that I hold a gentle, but extremely powerful space, guiding you to align with your vision (even if you don't know what that is yet), clearing blocks, stories and patterns that are holding you back, so you take grounded and aligned action.

My training and qualifications include

The Institute for Integrative Nutrition’s
Holistic Health and Wellness coach training

Marie Forleo’s

Amanda Frances’
‘Money Mentality Makeover’ and 'Sell From Your Soul'

Rebecca Campbell’s
‘Work Your Light’

Daily Om courses:
‘Sacred self-care & Ayurvedic Nutrition’ & ‘Self-Sabotage’

CPD Certifications
in ‘Happy Healthy Work’, ‘Health Creation at Work’, ‘Understanding Client Aspirations’
Lara Waldman’s
‘Abundance Activation’ and ‘Living Abundance Mastermind’

Kate Wolf’s
‘Share the Magic’ – marketing for sensitive entrepreneurs’

Lloyd Burnett's
Manifestation for Entrepreneurs’

Nicola Humber’s
‘Unbound Writing Mastermind’

Kris Carr’s
‘Spotlight Mastery’ – social media training
Claire Baker’s
‘Optimise’ – creating with the menstrual cycle

Mary Morrissey’s
‘The 8 Spiritual Secrets for Multiplying Your Money’

The School of Natural Health Science’s Diploma
in ‘Nutrition’

Colour Mirrors
Practitioner training

Hay House’s
‘Chakra and Energy Clearing’

You can take a look at some of the testimonials I have received from past clients. Or book in a free ‘Get Grounded Breakthrough Session’ and let’s chat about your needs.