Clear business blocks fast for business impact and success

This is a one-to-one mini package and includes 1 x 90 minute session, and 5 x 1 hour sessions, to be taken within three months.

Are you looking to create change in the world through the work that you do?

Do you aspire to support yourself and enjoy life, whilst doing what you love?

Are you hoping to leave a legacy that can be passed on to future generations?


At the moment you might be feeling a bit stuck. You have already started your business and are finding yourself not moving forward as you had hoped, you are passionate about what you are here to do, you want to help and serve others, you want to make a difference with the incredible work that you do, but you are coming up against blocks.


💰You might struggle to ask for what you know your services are worth. You may have lots of money stories and beliefs.

😱You may have fears showing up when it comes to different parts of your business.

🤬You may find yourself in sabotaging patterns and behaviours which keep you in a cycle of not taking the action you know you need to.

🥰You may find it hard to receive and hold on to new clients, support, money and more.

🗣You may not be showing up and sharing as powerfully as you know you are here to.

😴You may find yourself feeling burned out and over-giving as you struggle with your boundaries and are saying ‘yes’ to everything as you fall into the scarcity trap.

🌳You may need to lean into even more grounding, self-love and nourishment to spread roots that will hold and support you so you can rise as high as you know you are here to.


I get it. I’ve been there.


I was being guided to be more visible in my business (in photos and on video) for months, before I finally started to show myself. I over-gave and under charged when it came to my offers, leading to me being in serious debt and having to work multiple jobs just to get by. I had countless money stories playing out - and felt so much guilt and shame around money! I was petrified of claiming my spiritual gifts fearing what others would think of me. I would self-sabotage through drinking, and not taking action to keep myself hidden and where I felt 'safe'. I knew I was here to do more, but I had so many blocks getting in the way, stopping me from stepping into the visions I had for myself deep down. It was only when I got help, and started to work through them - releasing, clearing, healing and re-writing them that things began to shift. I know the power of this work and how your whole outer world can change so fast as you do the work on the inside, so I am truly honoured and excited to now support you to do the same.

Some of the wonderful things that can happen as you clear your blocks are:

Going from feeling stuck to taking aligned action.

Moving through and past your money story so it no longer defines you.

Starting to own your worth and feel confident about your pricing.

Asserting better boundaries so that you aren’t left feeling overwhelmed and depleted.

Being more visible and owning your message.

Beginning to show up powerfully in your marketing, in the places that are right for you.


This work is transformational.

We can also include some practical support (in alignment with the chakras) to help you move forward in your business and take action towards having more impact in the way you are being called.

What others are saying...

Amélie Muthundo

Healer and Medium

Thanks Tara for the past life regression session that gave the last push to step into my legitimacy. Your deep care for people's processes is beautiful and transformative. I felt seen, cared for and could unfold my own process with trust. 🙏

Emily Housman

Wow, thank you so very much for our session, it really was incredible, and so good to do a deep dive in, with your intuitive guidance. I felt very safe and held whilst you also brought the frequency of limitlessness to the changes I felt.

Lorraine Pannetier

The Soulful Word

Thank you for our beautiful session - I've been enjoying incorporating both the past life work and chakra balancing points into my writing. It's bringing up so many amazing things to reflect on and transform. So thank you so much again for your amazing work and beautiful soul.

Rionach Aiken

Visibility Coach for Visionary Leaders

Following our session on visibility and my own big commitment to breaking through my next-level visibility blocks, I set up weekly lives in my FB group and showed up consistently to create and promote these. As a result I have more than doubled the size of my group, and created a highly engaged group which gives me content for the weekly sessions which they love. I'm also emailing my list weekly and creating weekly blogs from the same content. I've increased my mailing list and I'm posting more regularly to Instagram. So with only one powerful session with you, I really feel like I broke through a big block and freed up a lot of energy to create juicy content, engage my people and grow my audience. And within all of this, I'm discovering more and more what my work is, how I can use my gifts to serve, what I can offer that my people need, love and respond to. So I'm creating my unique body of work as well. Magic!

Bella Glover

I found the session a profound experience and haven’t ever experienced anything that strongly before.

Laura Nadia

Holistic Wellness Coach

I had a past life regression session with Tara, and I had such a profound experience. Tara was a wonderful guide, she made me feel very comfortable and safe and she knew the right questions to ask to guide me through the experience. She's also very supportive outside of the actual session. I wasn't expecting the results that I got, but what did happen is going to stick with me. I knew that I was making an investment, and that it would pay off in ways that I couldn't really understand at the time. Now I'm starting to understand why I signed up for it. I think that it's giving me strength and motivation to continue in my life's journey and through some struggles that I've been having. So thank you, Tara, very much. You're wonderful and I know that you're going to continue to help loads and loads of people. You can see the testimonial recording here.

Sarika Jain

Love and relationship coach

Thanks so much for our session recently - it was really profound! I’m inspired to go inward, asking for guidance from my inner fire in writing and sharing the book. It’s been a very revelatory experience to find my personal truth through my journey of becoming a writer and author.

Yolandi Boshoff

Divine Soul

I just had the biggest download during the night - thanks Tara for the regression yesterday as this set things in motion for my conscious mind to understand what was happening.

Jennifer Cockcroft


It was a really powerful experience for me, emotionally cathartic but also supportive and enlightening. I’ve never experienced any type of regression before, so I was a little nervous about this part, although not sceptical as I know many people who’ve been through it and had important revelations. And although I felt some incredibly strong energies during the journey, and had some vivid images, powerful emotions and physical responses, and clear words appear, it was also a really wonderful release that gave me a deeper insight into where some of my long-held fears around self-expression come from. I’ve been thinking about and sitting with what came up over the last few days, letting the lessons integrate, the stuckness release, and finding more ease and courage to speak up. So thank you again for guiding me (virtually) through the regression.

Christina King

Wild Indigo Holistic

Thank you so much for the regression really made me realise that it all needed to happen for me to become the person I am today. It sounds so simple and so common sense but yesterday made me actually see this clearly and internalise it. Thank you so much. You have a really calming and soothing voice and presence too which made me comfortable and at ease instantly.

Helen Rebello

You have no idea how much you've helped change the trajectory of my life and work. I'm so grateful to you and I'm glowing too.

Lulu Kitololo

Lulu Kitololo Studio

My session with Tara was incredibly powerful. The past life regression session helped me to open up things outside my consciousness. Things that have helped me better understand what I need to do, to move past certain unhelpful patterns and blocks in my life. The Colour Mirrors process was fun, enlightening and very affirming.
I initially didn’t know what to expect but Tara guided me through the entire process with such warmth, care and compassion. I can’t wait for my next session!

Bridget Butler

Modern Woman Ancient Essentials

I am honestly blown away by the clarity I am receiving when doing these visualizations. Tara is phenomenal at guiding you right to the source of what needs attention.

Lara Waldman

The Abundance Activator

The session with Tara revealed some very powerful information that is important to the work that I facilitate. I had a huge level of awareness around  the kind of self care that we need as women to dismantle the patriarchy from our energy systems and how to transform the trauma wounding from past generations and our current life time. I was shown the gold and the aligned guidance that I needed to take in my business to support my clients with this process. I had a business breakthrough that was aligned with feminine wisdom and feminine power, showing me how to bring the healthy empowered feminine into my business, my own life, and the lives of my clients. Thank you Tara!

Katarzyna Rutkowska

Healing and Alignment

Thanks to Tara’s intuitive guidance I could connect to and clear issues which have been hidden deeply in my subconscious for a very long time. I could transmute feelings including disconnection and lack of inspiration through very powerful energy work. With the use of the ‘Colour Mirrors’ system Tara could identify blocks and patterns which have been stopping me from moving forward in my business and personal life.


There are two payment options for this one-to-one container, which includes 1 x 90 minute session and 5 x 1 hour sessions (done via Zoom), to be taken within three months.

1. Full payment of £2000, due before the start date.

2. Three monthly payments of £700. The first payment is due before the start date, with subsequent payments due monthly after.

If you have any questions or would like to feel into what it might be like to work with me, please book in a call below.

REFUND POLICY - There are no refunds offered.


You will receive

A personal mini Colour Mirrors PDF reading sent to you on the numerology of something you decide (e.g. your business name, a book name, your name), which you can then use to help you with branding/sharing or the energy of what it is you are trying to share. The reading gives you an overview of the energy and the colours (plus their meanings) behind the name of your business/name etc.