Co-creating with the soul of your business/offering

I feel a new way…

I feel a new way emerging, a way that is what I want, that feels good to me, that honours all of me. A way that honours my rhythms, cycles and seasons; play and rest; sensitivity and creativity; shadows and the void.

I feel its whispers beckoning me forth, letting me know that it’s safe to say ‘no’ to things that I don’t want to do, or anything I feel I ‘should’ be doing.

It tells me that I am here to co-create and anything, really, ANYTHING is possible, I just have to believe and hold this vision, and do what it takes to align with it.

By holding my own and staying true to my path I will create a business that nourishes me. That supports others. That’s in service to this planet. That aligns with my values.

Do you feel it too?

Are you looking to share your work in a wider, and completely aligned, way?
Are you looking for clarity in what you offer, your brand message and where and how you share what you do?
Do you want to bring some deep magic into this process so that it's fun and something you love to show up for?

As an empath entrepreneur, sharing your work so that it reaches your soul-aligned clients, is an essential part. How can the people you are here to work with find you if you are not reaching them?

I have worked in and with businesses for over 20 years – in roles from PR and marketing, to business development and operations. I get what to do when it comes to the more masculine, grounded side of business. In my first business I applied much of this knowledge – I was on all the social media platforms, I knew how to PR and market myself, and it all happened. But, I didn’t get where I wanted to be. I struggled to get by, had barely any clients and it didn’t ‘work’ for me.

As I started to clear, release and heal my business blocks, and started to connect to the energy/soul/life-force of my business and offers – things began to dramatically change.

I let my business lead.
I let each offer I was guided to bring through lead.
I honoured the creative process and had times where there was nothing coming.

I also took the massive aligned-action it guided me to take… In less than one year alone, I wrote my second book Embodied Business in less than three weeks from first draft to final manuscript. I organised a community project of 30 sensitive entrepreneurs including interviews and stories in less than a month, which I shared every day last September and compiled into an eBook. I launched a group programme on clearing business blocks, and it is supporting people in more ways than I could have imagined. I painted an Oracle deck that I have been wanting to do, for a good five years, and it is coming close to completion.

Today I share about my work and what I do in a way that feels fun, magical, creative, colourful and aligned with who I AM. If you too, are looking to really feel into the essence of what it is you offer and share your work in a more aligned, co-creative way, and have a business that you work in partnership with on a whole new level, I invite you to consider this package.

This package includes elements of the following (as per what comes up in our sessions together):

💫 Connecting to the soul of your business/offering/book so that you have a strong connection with it and let it lead the process, making it fully co-creative, and a big part of how it wants to be shared.
🌍 Practical action steps, so that you ground and bring whatever is being asked into the physical. This can include a number of things, depending on what you need and what is being called. You can take a look here for the different ways I can support you with these parts.
💻 Confirming the best platforms (online) for you to show up to share in the most aligned way, and creating a plan for this that makes you excited!
🔥 Support to clear/release/heal business blocks that are coming up which might be getting in the way of you showing up for what you are being guided to do.
🧠 Mindset work so that you fully get behind what it is you are here to bring into the world.
💚 Holistic wellbeing as this is an integral part of the work I do, and for you to show up for yourself and your business, this is essential.

Everyone also receives a Colour Mirrors numerology reading on the name of your business/offer/book, so that you can get a feel for the energy behind it. This includes: the colours that can be used in your sharing; words that show you the energy of what you do and remind you of why what you do it so needed.

If this sounds like something you might be interested in getting support for with, you can book in a call here and let’s feel into whether this package is a fit for you.

Cost and package outline:

This is a six month one-to-one package and includes 12 sessions. You will get 1 x 90 minute session and 1 x 1 hour session each month to support you.

This package is £5000 if paid in full, or 6 x payments of £850.

  • Working with Tara on a 1-2-1 basis has been life-changing for me. It has enabled me to truly and fully embrace a new way of being, doing and creating in my life. It allowed me to enter a space of not-knowing with my body as a guide in the void that opened up. What makes Tara's support so special and unique is her broad range of experience and expertise. This means that no matter what comes up in a session with her she is able to be there to support. We had deep intuitive sessions working on emotional blocks, magical sessions creating new offers, drafting action plans, as well as sessions where I could benefit immensely from her practical and technical knowledge of running a business. To have Tara as a guide by my side, holding space for me on this journey is something I am deeply grateful for.
    Karin Huber
  • Thank you feels too small, to express the deep gratitude I hold for you, and for the process this week. Watching you embody a different way of doing business has been a profoundly healing experience for me. You have shown me that it is not only possible, but that it is in fact the only way for sensitives and it is also necessary.
    Toni Giselle Stuart
    Poet, performer & healer
  • My session with Tara blew my mind! Both the colour mirrors and numerology that came through gave me SO much insight and affirmation.  The way Tara held the space and shared different perspectives was incredibly powerful. I felt (and continue to feel!) so beautifully supported by what emerged during the session. I'd recommend a reading with Tara to anyone who's looking for a sense of direction and deep clarity around what they're here to do in the world.
    Nicola Humber
    Founder of The Unbound Press and Transformational Writing Mentor
  • Thanks so much for our session recently - it was really profound! I’m inspired to go inward, asking for guidance from my inner fire in writing and sharing the book. It’s been a very revelatory experience to find my personal truth through my journey of becoming a writer and author.
    Sarika Jain
    Love and relationship coach