Soul Star Space for empathpreneurs

A monthly rolling membership, for empathpreneurs, to receive guidance, align with the Divine and tune into where they are being called in their business. It’s also about taking aligned action with the support and energy of the space, and creating community with other empath entrepreneurs.

Every month you will receive:

💖 A 1 hour live group regression/visualisation/connection with your business or offer (which will be recorded and available for the duration of that month), to support you with tuning into any ongoing ‘blocks’ or patterns that you want to release, as well as aligning with how you are being called to show up and take action.
💖 Two 90 minute live ‘Aligned action’ sessions, to come together and take action on what wants to happen in your business, or life (sometimes we just need a nap)! The most recent recording will always be available.
💖 An intention thread, to hold the energy of what you want to create and embody in your business/life.
💖 A thread in the group to share your offers, so that you can support and buy from one another, if it feels aligned.
💖 A group Colour Mirrors reading to support you with self-love, self-care and leaning into the Divine.

🌙 Everything is on Mighty Networks, and as well as the above, the space can be used for support, showing up, practicing being more visible, sharing successes, plus more.

🌟 Optional: A £50 discount on individual sessions of one-to-one coaching with myself (Tara), if you would like it. So the price will be £200 per hour, subject to availability.

The energy of Soul Star Space


£110 per month, auto-subscription with the option to cancel at any time.

Get two months free if you pay in full for one year. £1100 for 12 months.

This space is for you if:
✨You are committed to spiritual and personal growth in your business and life.
✨You believe in a way of doing business that honours your needs and the energy of what you are here to bring through.
✨You are looking for a container that holds you with the understanding that you will get back as much as you put in.
✨You are looking for support, but also want to support other empath entrepreneurs. It is by creating genuine connection and supporting one another that empaths truly can change this world.

Please book in a call below to get to know one another if you feel it might be for you.

REFUND POLICY - There are no refunds offered on month/s that you have already paid for.


The Soul Star bottle from Colour Mirrors

This is the guiding bottle for the space. "This bottle is about creating a deeper, stronger connection with your soul. It is helpful when experiencing existential grief and is a powerful support for your inner child. It is beneficial for creating a loving space for a new soul and is about giving birth to something new. This could mean welcoming a baby into the family, or it could be a new venture or creative project to be nurtured into being."