This is a 90 minute session conducted over Zoom together where I will ground and open up the field for your business with you, and we will both connect to it, asking questions and sharing what we receive.
The messages and guidance we receive will be recorded and translated into a beautiful 3D mandala (PDF) for you to use and connect to for guidance and support moving forward.

The crown chakra, at the top of the head and skull, is traditionally associated with the colour violet and is connected to higher states of consciousness and a remembrance that we are all part of a greater whole.


  • An inability to see the bigger picture
  • Getting stuck in the small things
  • Inability to concentrate or focus
  • Not taking aligned action
  • Headaches and fuzziness in the head

As the crown chakra is our connection to our purpose and place in the greater whole the block that seems to show up most commonly for Empathpreneurs here is not taking aligned action on their purpose. It’s often easier to get caught up in some of the other blocks around fear and safety and stay in the world of dreams, ideas and imagination, than it is to take the action necessary to ground them into the physical. Clearing the crown chakra can help you to remember that you are always guided (in all areas of your life) and that we need to ask for that guidance and then act on it, to physically manifest what we desire in our businesses and beyond.

We can look at this or anything else that might be coming up stopping you from taking aligned action in your business.
I invite you to book in a free consultation here and let’s chat about your needs.