On this page you will find a number of resources to support you with aligning and grounding your business as mentioned in my book Embodied Business. You can get a copy of Embodied Business here and co-creating with the energies mentioned in my book Embodied creation

Embodied Business Resources

A visualisation to connect to mother earth
A regression meditation
A visualisation to connect to the energy and field of your business
A template for tracking your seasons and cycles to support you in your business.
'My sensitivity is a strength'
An e-book combining stories, insights and inspiration from a number of sensitive entrepreneurs on what it's like being a sensitive person in business.

My Books


A self-care guide for sensitive souls

Embodied Business

A guide to grounding and aligning your business chakras for empathpreneurs

Embodied Creation

The sensitive’s way to consciously co-create


You can buy a copy here or from anywhere books are sold online.


Programmes, workshops and courses

Business Chakras Alchemy

An 11 week course (with access for the lifetime of it, including all updates), to clear, heal and release chakras blocks that might be holding you back in some way.

Embodied Business

A 12 month membership space for empath entrepreneurs to co-create with their businesses, create aligned offers and ground this in the world in a practical way.

Connect and create with your inner child

A two part workshop to connect and create with younger versions of yourself.

A journey through the chakras

Healing meditations, prompts and tools to support you with each of the chakras: earth star, root/base, sacral, solar, heart, throat, third eye, crown and soul star.