A space to deepen into the energetics, expression, expansion and embodiment, for leaders.

This is a space where you get to be guided deep into the realms of creative possibility; held in spaciousness where you can connect to the innate wisdom of your body; received as you are, so you feel nourished and supported. It’s a space that brings you into alignment with what matters to you, and who you are at a soul level.

It brings you back into alignment with your truth.

As a leader who handles multiple things – from all the parts of your business, to family, friends, relationships, and more – you are a superhero! But Embodied Business® Leaders is where you can put it ALL down for a moment, and let your whole self be held.

It will support you to let go of the noise and busy-ness, especially do-ing for the sake of do-ing which we have been so conditioned towards, and come back to what really matters. Sometimes that leads to inspired and aligned action, other times it’s waiting, but you will trust it and know how right it is!

It is a space where you remember and embody the knowing that energy and alignment comes first, and from there everything flows.

From here, you can:

Claim what you desire.

Deepen into pleasure.

Expand your capacity to receive.

Embrace your flow and unique rhythms.

Own the power of your sensuality.

Harness your full creative power.

Live your purpose.


If this sounds like something you are calling for, I invite you to join ‘Embodied Business®’ Leaders. It is a nine-month intimate group journey, with 1-2-1 support alongside, beginning on 1 May 2024. It includes spacious sessions where you can connect to your inner wisdom, creative sessions and deep visioning support with integration time alongside. You can see more on the specifics below.

This space will support you to deepen into the core pillars that underpin all of my work:


This is ultimately about alignment with your true self: the you that is limitless and knows it. It is supporting you to heal and release stories, patterns, conditions, beliefs and more (from childhood, ancestral lineages, past lives etc) that have stopped you from being your true self. It is supporting you holistically to feel amazing in your being through self-care practices and working with your energy centres/chakras.


This is tuning into your creative part, the gifts that you are here to share in your unique way – whether it’s through an offering in your business, a painting, writing, a book, a song, any form of expression. It is also co-creating with the soul of your business, and the energies of the creations you are here to bring through. It is tapping into the current of creation available to us all.


This is about being your FULL self. Allowing yourself to shine brightly as the magnificent being you are. It’s expanding into your greatest potential and owning it. It’s tuning into and harnessing your magic. It is living the life you came here to live, in alignment with your values. It’s doing the things that expand you into your fullest self, and the impact you are here to make/have, for the greater good.


This is the key piece which underpins it all, and it is being fully present in your body, here on Earth at this time. It is leaning into the wisdom of your body – especially your heart, getting to know it intimately, letting it hold and support you, and vice versa. It is also recognising that you are of the Earth, and this is our home, so letting it be a guiding force in all you do and how you show up.


This is the final piece, because I believe it GETS to be easy (as well as all the things you desire such as joy, play, pleasure, spaciousness, freedom etc etc). When we fully step into and embody these pillars, we align with our purpose/s, our natural state, and can receive the unconditional support available to us (seen and unseen). We connect to the Universal flow of life, and things unfold with greater ease.

Who is this space for?

This space is for conscious entrepreneurs, heart- and soul- centred leaders, creatives and changemakers who work with energy, spirit, and the non-physical alongside the practical tools and ways of doing business.

You already have the skills needed to run your own business, but know that having a supportive and nurturing space, and 1-2-1 holding, dedicated to your holistic growth as a leader is invaluable. In fact, it is essential.

You are ready to go deeper on your business journey, you are ready for more creativity, pleasure, play, passion, prosperity, purpose and power. Whether that's travelling, hot sex, luxury, taking time to create in ways that light you up, being able to do and give more to causes you believe in, working with people you adore and/or who inspire you, pampering, experiencing beauty, being a powerful creator in your life - ALL of it (you get to have it all)!

You are here to do business differently to the way so many of us have been taught. It’s a way that encourages space, co-creation, and taking guided, aligned action. It's a way that encourages you to receive pleasure from all that you do. It’s a way deeply rooted in ancient wisdom, that provides a unique blend of grounded practicality and spiritual depth.

Embodied Business® Leaders is your portal for embracing this unique way of doing business. It is a space to play, be DEEPLY held, lean in, create, experience pleasure, joy, and be even more YOU in the world.


Some of the things that can happen from being held in this powerful portal with activating themes, 1-2-1 and group support are:

  • You become aligned with your truth, which means that things fall away that aren’t for you, and you begin to re-member and call in the things that matter to you: your dreams, hopes and visions.
  • When something is aligned you act fast and from a place of flow, rather than feeling you have to push to make something happen.
  • You feel a sense of congruence and wholeness as all parts of yourself become integrated. You show up more consistently in all areas of your life and don’t feel like you have to wear different masks or hats all the time.
  • You magnetise with ease, calling in synchronicities and opportunities which feel fun, abundant and are full body yes’es.
  • You know that energy comes first and you prioritise your wellbeing on all levels – mind, body and soul, and don’t feel guilty saying no, or putting your needs first.
  • You let yourself shine from a place deep within as you know your worth, your value, and you own it!
  • Triggers and issues that used to re-occur and set you back no longer even touch the sides as you know yourself intimately.
  • Life becomes this fun game of creation, where you get to choose how you live each day and what you want to call in, co-creating with the universe.

Themes/intentions that we will activate and lean into during this nine month journey

Please note that these themes might change if I intuitively feel the needs of the group are calling for something else.

May – Roots

June – Dreams

July – Truth

August – Curiosity

September – Impact

October – Luminescent

November - Wholeness

December - Space (less content provided and more focus on your wellbeing)

January 2025 - Wisdom

The practical parts that happen each month - all held spaces to tune into your wisdom/guidance

(Apart from December which is a ‘gentler’ month, with less content. You are also encouraged to rest).

  • A monthly card/colour numerology reading on the month's theme will be shared at the beginning of the month to activate it.
  • A monthly live 75-minute workshop with inquiry prompts and visualisations to connect with the month’s theme in ways that support you in your body.
  • A 1-hour live session with inquiry prompts and visualisations to deepen into the month's theme when it comes to your business.
  • A 90-minute live 'Aligned Action' session to deeply tune into what you are truly being called to do/be, then take the time to do/be what came through for you. When you ‘listen’ and come from this space in every area, you reclaim your power and deeply honour your needs.
  • A 2-hour creation space, sometimes with a guided intro on an art practice, to use if you choose. But the idea is to play and create in the flow of the month’s theme.
  • Some months will also include optional holistic health guidance and embodiment practices.

Calls take place twice a week for three weeks, then there is an integration week with no calls, every month (apart from December).

The above sessions are all recorded and saved on Teachable. The sessions below are not recorded. You have access to the content on Teachable and in the group for as long as you are in the space. There is also a gentle Telegram group for sharing in between sessions. 

  • Two 1-hour co-working sessions each month, to simply show up and get things done in the group energy.

This space is evolving and is a co-creation. If there is something you feel would be an awesome addition to what is already included please let me know.

EVERY MONTH receive a 1 hour 1-2-1 session with me, Tara, to support you personally with what is rising for you. I am an expert in alignment and embodiment, supporting you to release/heal/clear blocks and hold you in the energy of pleasure, abundance, wealth, and all that you desire to create in your life, so that it magnetises to you. I can also support you with co-creation and what you are calling into your business / specific offerings.


  • A 1 hour Colour Mirrors reading on your Soul Colours (name and birthday), which goes into your gifts, challenges, talents and more in this lifetime. We can also include your business name, which will show us the colour vibration of it and support you with the inner and outer workings of your business, including its alignment with your soul colours. It includes a colour PDF with your bottles and messages. Value £222.
  • An invitation to join the Embody Your Greatness online workshop on 23rd April. A recording will also be posted in the group after and available for you to access any time during the 9 month journey. Value £66.
  • Receive a copy of my Embodied Wisdom oracle deck sent to you anywhere in the world. This will be coordinated after the cooling off period. Value £44.

Investment and time commitment

The doors are now open for a maximum of 8 people to begin the nine month journey starting on 1st May 2024 - 31 January 2025. 

PRICE: Your investment is £500 per month, or £4300 (save £200) if paying in full for the nine month journey.



Receive a 1 hour Colour Mirrors reading on your Soul Colours (name and birthday), which goes into your gifts, challenges, talents and more in this lifetime. We can also include your business name, which will show us the colour vibration of it and support you with the inner and outer workings of your business, including its alignment with your soul colours. It includes a colour PDF with your bottles and messages. This will be coordinated after the cooling off period. Value £222.

Receive the Embody Your Greatness online workshop - join live on 23rd April, or receive the recording in the group, depending on when you join. Value £66.

Receive a copy of my Embodied Wisdom oracle deck sent to you anywhere in the world. This will be coordinated after the cooling off period. Value £44.

REFUND POLICY: There is a ‘cooling off’ period up to 11th May, during which, if you decide it’s not for you I will refund you, no questions asked.


A little about me, Tara

I am intense. I dive deep and I go all in. I don’t know any other way to do it. I embody everything I share and hold a powerful and transformational space that will only allow people to enter who are ready to step up and align with what/who they are really here to do and be. I play with the edges of what feels comfortable. I work with the seasons and cycles of nature – from within and without. I deeply trust my intuition and have been living and working with it consciously as my business guide for 10 years. I have sat in the not knowing. The void. The space in-between, even when I have felt so damn uncomfortable. Doing this is often integral to the journey we will be going on together, and sheer f***ing magic unfolds when you do this. I will always let you know my truth, and I will only hold space for you to show up from yours. I am deeply committed to holding a safe and grounded space for you to feel comfortable and held during our journey together. I see, feel (and sometimes hear) energy powerfully, so will be your gentle but no BS guide on the side, as I encourage and support you to align with your truth, shed the un-needed layers and embody ALL your power, pleasure, passion and purpose! (With as much play and fun as possible alongside ;-))!

Annabel Gerbi


I am deeply grateful for the space Tara has held for me over the past six months as much in my life has been ending and transforming. From our first session Tara met me with such warmth and attunement, containment and compassion, allowing me to soften and surrender to what this time has been asking of me. The combination of the 1-2-1’s and the group circle has provided gentle, deep, creative and inspired support to open to the wisdom that is here. Tara embodies what she guides us to and radiates the invitation to being our true selves. Thank you!

Jacqui McGinn

Healing, hypnotherapy and language teaching

If you're committed to coming into your authentic power and doing whatever it takes to get there, Tara will support you through that inner work. I'd known that coming into my body more fully was a vital part of my healing journey, but didn't really get how to do it.  Tara holds what appears to be a gentle space on the surface but I found she can meet me at a depth that few people can, so it's truly a transformational space.  I've completed a full year of Embodied Business and I'm much more in my body and trusting its guidance. Tara models listening to ourselves and communicates really well, so I felt safe, supported and able to go where I needed to go.

Toni Giselle Stuart

Poet, performer, creative writing facilitator

I started 1:1 coaching with Tara in August 2022 and joined Embodied Business in October. Working with Tara during this year of change has been invaluable. I receive support that helps me release blocks, fears, and past wounds at the root. Tara's energetic work gets to the heart of issues quickly, and shifts happen fast. Here's how I've benefited so far: work feels ease-filled, I love every aspect of my work, I prioritise health, relationships, fun, and rest, my income has significantly increased, I trust my intuition more, I've created a sustainable business, and I'm more myself. What makes the biggest difference is that Tara's space allows me to tap into my power, intuition, and embodied wisdom. I use these practices in all areas of my life, not just my business.

Char Newswanger

Design and branding

Joining Embodied Business has shifted me into a deep connection to my inner wisdom and knowing instead of comparison and a feeling of inadequacy. Tara’s gentle, intuitive, powerful approach empowered me to identify the blocks holding me back while also envisioning a path forward. Today my business is aligned with what gives me life and energy. It is work I always envisioned doing but felt unattainable in the past. For entrepreneurs seeking to embody a way of business with alignment, abundance, and peace; I wholeheartedly recommend this experience. The powerful shift it has brought to me in connection, alignment, and joy is remarkable and a gift I am so grateful for.

Katharina Oberlik

Performing Arts

Tara provides and holds the most loving and calm energy. Diving into my business from here feels so good, healing and revolutionary, as it reminds me of the true worth of me being here and sharing my purpose.
Looking and taking action in my business from this place of alignment with the body and the chakras feels healing and just right! The atmosphere in the group is open, vulnerable and very loving, and there are lots of resources to charge your system and find this new approach. Highly recommended!

Aparna Vemula

Whisper Within

Embodied Business has become more of a playground for my heart. The space is hugely supportive for anything that comes up, both business related as well as energy related. The visualisations that Tara takes us through are very powerful and have helped me align to my ways of being that can help create a sustainable business. More importantly, the space is hugely supportive for anything that comes up, both business related as well as energy related. Even though they are not typical 'results', I have experienced mighty shifts in a very short period of time. I would highly recommend the programme if you are looking at accessing your own true way of doing business.

Tijana Mitrovic

Spiritual coach and Theta Healing Instructor

I am truly grateful to be part of the gentle and nourishing space that Embodied business is. The approach addresses my whole being and the people in this space are so supportive and helpful too. Connecting with Tara feels like I finally came home. I feel seen and heard and she has helped me tremendously to create and establish a soul-aligned business as well as build a healthier relationship with myself. Tara is not only wise but caring, and her gentle approach makes a huge difference in my life. Previously I had spent years working with different coaches and I kept feeling stuck or not getting the results my soul desired. Here, I've learned how to make steady grounds in my life, how to nurture myself more and build a strong and thriving foundation for my business, making room for my life to bloom. All areas of my life have been shifting and expanding through the program, and the 1-2-1 sessions with Tara are golden for me. This is the right space for anyone who wants to create or advance a soul-led business that brings them joy and freedom.

Chetna Halai

Embodied Business is a space where I can access deeper parts of myself. It's a space that supports those who want to show up in the world in a much deeper way, and it's not for people who want to be told what to do. This is a way that supports living in the world in different ways.

Stacey Lum

The Facial. Inspired Health

In the Embodied Business space I feel nurtured, it is a space where you can be seen and valued exactly where you are. It is really a self-paced place where you can go as deep as you want. What is most valuable is having silent time to sit, listen and feel what is coming alive for me in the moment.

Rosemary Messmer

Light Up Your Heart

I've been drawn to Tara's energy from the first time I heard her talk. Her content is well laid out and easy to access, and the whole Embodied Business space is warm and supportive. I don't have a single regret about joining!

Lulu Kitololo

Lulu Kitololo Studio

Tara really creates the most conducive, warm, and safe environment for what is intimate and powerful work! The sessions are calming and grounding, reminding me that I have 'got this.' It’s a space which recognises a different way of doing things – honouring sensitive people.

Jody Woodbridge

Spiritual Wellness

The space Tara has created in Embodied Business membership is divine, nourishing, peaceful, empowering, expansive and so much more. I love knowing I have the space & time carved out each month to spend it with like-minded wonderful women, take part in visualisations, and continue my deep dive of personal development & healing that I started in Tara's 11-week Business Chakras Alchemy course.

Karin Huber


Embodied Business is a safe space and an anchor for me. It is a space with no "should" and "have to". It is a space where I can be, align and create from. It is a space where I am invited to try out and experiment with a new way of being in business and doing business. I never felt at ease with the word business. The Embodied Business space and Tara's work is helping me to re-define business in a new way as being in business and doing business by being fully me and embodying who I am. I love the network of gentle souls that gather in that space and really appreciate how deeply and safely Tara is holding the space and is lovingly guiding us. Thank you for this truly unique and beautiful space.