Sujeewa Jayawardena

Breathwork and embodiment coach

EBL has been a wonderful anchor over the past 6 months. The diverse offering of sessions: sparking creativity, going inward, sensing what is alive and letting that lead my offerings and business.
The themes that are offered each month combined with the colour readings has been wonderful to create with, at times very present and other times running in the background, and still coming through and dropping insights.
Tara held me in a spacious, gentle and slow way, that allowed me to enfold and create new possibilities from, in which to deepen the way I show up as an embodied leader. Last month's theme was overflow, and that is how it has felt 🌻.

Julia Tobin


I’m so grateful to be a part of Tara’s immensely nourishing Embodied Business Leaders space. It’s gifted me a beautiful opportunity to take time to nurture the seeds of both my business and soul.

Annabel Gerbi


I am deeply grateful for the space Tara has held for me over the past six months as much in my life has been ending and transforming. From our first session Tara met me with such warmth and attunement, containment and compassion, allowing me to soften and surrender to what this time has been asking of me. The combination of the 1-2-1’s and the group circle has provided gentle, deep, creative and inspired support to open to the wisdom that is here. Tara embodies what she guides us to and radiates the invitation to being our true selves. Thank you!

Jacqui McGinn

Healing, hypnotherapy and language teaching

If you're committed to coming into your authentic power and doing whatever it takes to get there, Tara will support you through that inner work. I'd known that coming into my body more fully was a vital part of my healing journey, but didn't really get how to do it.  Tara holds what appears to be a gentle space on the surface but I found she can meet me at a depth that few people can, so it's truly a transformational space.  I've completed a full year of Embodied Business and I'm much more in my body and trusting its guidance. Tara models listening to ourselves and communicates really well, so I felt safe, supported and able to go where I needed to go.

Toni Giselle Stuart

Poet, performer, creative writing facilitator

I started 1:1 coaching with Tara in August 2022 and joined Embodied Business in October that year (the space transitioned into Embodied Business Leaders in November 2023). Working with Tara during this year of change has been invaluable. I receive support that helps me release blocks, fears, and past wounds at the root. Tara's energetic work gets to the heart of issues quickly, and shifts happen fast. Here's how I've benefited so far: work feels ease-filled, I love every aspect of my work, I prioritise health, relationships, fun, and rest, my income has significantly increased, I trust my intuition more, I've created a sustainable business, and I'm more myself. What makes the biggest difference is that Tara's space allows me to tap into my power, intuition, and embodied wisdom. I use these practices in all areas of my life, not just my business. You can see a video testimonial from Toni here.

Char Newswanger

Design and branding

Joining this space has shifted me into a deep connection to my inner wisdom and knowing instead of comparison and a feeling of inadequacy. Tara’s gentle, intuitive, powerful approach empowered me to identify the blocks holding me back while also envisioning a path forward. Today my business is aligned with what gives me life and energy. It is work I always envisioned doing but felt unattainable in the past. For entrepreneurs seeking to embody a way of business with alignment, abundance, and peace; I wholeheartedly recommend this experience. The powerful shift it has brought to me in connection, alignment, and joy is remarkable and a gift I am so grateful for.

Anna Sansom


I loved Tara's Own Your Creative Power workshop so much. She holds such a beautiful and safe space to connect deeply with oneself, and gently guides the whole process. I was genuinely surprised at what creative ideas came through for me once I'd cleared away the 'shoulds' and the other assumptions I'd been holding onto. I felt enthused and inspired by the end of the workshop and can still feel into those spaces (weeks after the event) because I experienced them in such an embodied and soul-led way. Thank you, Tara!

Terri Hofstetter

Intuitive Soul Guide

Over two decades, I’ve done various self-work on wealth issues. I’ve dissolved beliefs of all kinds and rewritten soul contracts - everything to do with money. I still felt like there was some resistance. Tara Jackson’s support on embodying wealth has done more from a 3-hour workshop than the last few years have done. She gently guided us to feel and connect to the energy of wealth as it chose to appear. While holding the essence of wealth, the sticky resistance was released. The activation process was amazing. I was glowing through the next day and can easily bring the essence in. The workshop was warm, loving and enlightening.

Debra Kilby

Healing and Channeling

This beautiful program is a journey into deep parts of you, revealing insights and aspects of you that are unexpected and surprising in such a gentle way that you feel you have a totally new understanding of yourself. Moving through the chakras and the colours brings a full relaxation to your body and mind and the overall feeling I came away with each time was a sense of wholeness. Absolutely beautiful, would highly recommend indulging yourself in this journey.

Angel Ludwig

Organisational Design Consultant

Working with Tara has been transformational on every level. She models the adage, “as within, so without…” Providing gentle guidance to access my inner wisdom, asking thoughtful questions I would otherwise not consider which leads me to an expanded understanding of myself and my business. Tara’s ability to provide a safe space to consider new ways and access my deepest self has proven to be essential time and time again. In the last 18 months, I have increased my net worth, had numerous large opportunities, and felt increased capacity for success - all while enjoying life more than ever. The biggest difference I see in my life is my ability to trust my unique strengths and bring them to the world, both personally and professionally. Tara skillfully facilitates my ability to access, embrace and lead myself which is my secret sauce. If I had one thing to say to someone who was considering working with Tara, I would say: Run, don’t walk to Tara. Lean in and be amazed. Her technique is unique - you will find nothing like it out there - and it will change your life. 

Katharina Oberlik

Performing Arts

Tara provides and holds the most loving and calm energy. Diving into my business from here feels so good, healing and revolutionary, as it reminds me of the true worth of me being here and sharing my purpose.
Looking and taking action in my business from this place of alignment with the body and the chakras feels healing and just right! The atmosphere in the group is open, vulnerable and very loving, and there are lots of resources to charge your system and find this new approach. Highly recommended!

Aparna Vemula

Whisper Within

Embodied Business has become more of a playground for my heart. The space is hugely supportive for anything that comes up, both business related as well as energy related. The visualisations that Tara takes us through are very powerful and have helped me align to my ways of being that can help create a sustainable business. More importantly, the space is hugely supportive for anything that comes up, both business related as well as energy related. Even though they are not typical 'results', I have experienced mighty shifts in a very short period of time. I would highly recommend the programme if you are looking at accessing your own true way of doing business.

Tijana Mitrovic

Spiritual coach and Theta Healing Instructor

I am truly grateful to be part of the gentle and nourishing space that Embodied business is. The approach addresses my whole being and the people in this space are so supportive and helpful too. Connecting with Tara feels like I finally came home. I feel seen and heard and she has helped me tremendously to create and establish a soul-aligned business as well as build a healthier relationship with myself. Tara is not only wise but caring, and her gentle approach makes a huge difference in my life. Previously I had spent years working with different coaches and I kept feeling stuck or not getting the results my soul desired. Here, I've learned how to make steady grounds in my life, how to nurture myself more and build a strong and thriving foundation for my business, making room for my life to bloom. All areas of my life have been shifting and expanding through the program, and the 1-2-1 sessions with Tara are golden for me. This is the right space for anyone who wants to create or advance a soul-led business that brings them joy and freedom.

Karin Huber


Working with Tara on a 1-2-1 basis has been life-changing for me. It has enabled me to truly and fully embrace a new way of being, doing and creating in my life. It allowed me to enter a space of not-knowing with my body as a guide in the void that opened up. What makes Tara's support so special and unique is her broad range of experience and expertise. This means that no matter what comes up in a session with her she is able to be there to support. We had deep intuitive sessions working on emotional blocks, magical sessions creating new offers, drafting action plans, as well as sessions where I could benefit immensely from her practical and technical knowledge of running a business. To have Tara as a guide by my side, holding space for me on this journey is something I am deeply grateful for.

Katarzyna Rutkowska

Healing and Alignment

I am amazed at the depth and quality of the first week. The long meditation brought a lot of tears and feelings, connection with my body is so important.

Jennifer Vincent

Story Exploratory

So much good has come into my life in the last year. I’d love to continue to be part of the group!

Debra Kilby

Oh my goodness, Tara, that was literally out of this world! Loved it, loved it, loved it. I just loved being in the space and wanted to say thank you for you, and for your showing up with this inspiration. I felt a very collective healing going on as well for us on the call and whoever is drawn to the replay. (Review for the Turquoise, Higher Heart & Atlantis workshop available here).

Aparna Vemula

Whisper Within

Thank you for the clarity you have brought to me with the reading today, I am honestly blown away. This is so deeply validating to me and I feel like I am more clear and focussed around where my path is.

Santina Kerslake

Rise of the Cosmic Dancer

I was completely riveted by the deep meditations of the workshop and found myself having a breakthrough about a workshop I was working on. It was so moving that I changed an essential part of it, proving to be the magic that it needed. This breakthrough has had a lasting effect on my well being as well. Tara's encouraging, beautiful voice helps bring you beyond your physical body touching parts you never imagined. (Review for the Turquoise, Higher Heart & Atlantis workshop available here).

Chetna Halai

Embodied Business is a space where I can access deeper parts of myself. It's a space that supports those who want to show up in the world in a much deeper way, and it's not for people who want to be told what to do. This is a way that supports living in the world in different ways.

Stacey Lum

The Facial. Inspired Health

In the Embodied Business space I feel nurtured, it is a space where you can be seen and valued exactly where you are. It is really a self-paced place where you can go as deep as you want. What is most valuable is having silent time to sit, listen and feel what is coming alive for me in the moment.

Rosemary Messmer

Light Up Your Heart

I've been drawn to Tara's energy from the first time I heard her talk. Her content is well laid out and easy to access, and the whole Embodied Business space is warm and supportive. I don't have a single regret about joining!

Amélie Muthundo

Healer and Medium

Thanks Tara for the past life regression session that gave the last push to step into my legitimacy. Your deep care for people's processes is beautiful and transformative. I felt seen, cared for and could unfold my own process with trust. 🙏

Rose Cox

Rose Cox RTT

I had the most amazing Colour Mirrors Numerology reading with Tara recently and have taken so much away from our session together. I gained so much clarity around not only my business goals and vision but my overall life path. The insights I have taken away have allowed me to move into a direction of my business that I was slightly hesitant about. Deep down however, I knew the path I was meant to take and having this show up in my reading has helped confirm what my intuition had been nagging at for a while now. Thank you Tara for providing such wonderful insights and clarity. I highly recommend anyone who is thinking about having their own reading to reach out to Tara.

Kathryn Weill

I had no idea how positively impactful and validating my Colour Mirrors session with Tara would be for my new business model. Tara’s insights were spot on and I’ve experienced an expanded, more creative mindset for my business going forward. The colors have triggered Actions I never dreamed I would take. I’m so grateful for Tara’s intuitive gifts as they have profoundly served me and my business.

Toni Giselle Stuart

Poet, performer & healer

Seriously, I am so blown away by your work and how you hold space. I always have the most liberating and incredible breakthroughs in our sessions. I am so overjoyed that I get to work with you, and that in you I found someone who knows how to hold space for me, in exactly the way I need. Thank you for helping me reclaim and accept ALL the parts of myself.

Lulu Kitololo

Lulu Kitololo Studio

Tara really creates the most conducive, warm, and safe environment for what is intimate and powerful work! The sessions are calming and grounding, reminding me that I have 'got this.' It’s a space which recognises a different way of doing things – honouring sensitive people.

Jody Woodbridge

Spiritual Wellness

The space Tara has created in Embodied Business membership is divine, nourishing, peaceful, empowering, expansive and so much more. I love knowing I have the space & time carved out each month to spend it with like-minded wonderful women, take part in visualisations, and continue my deep dive of personal development & healing that I started in Tara's 11-week Business Chakras Alchemy course.

Karin Huber


Embodied Business is a safe space and an anchor for me. It is a space with no "should" and "have to". It is a space where I can be, align and create from. It is a space where I am invited to try out and experiment with a new way of being in business and doing business. I never felt at ease with the word business. The Embodied Business space and Tara's work is helping me to re-define business in a new way as being in business and doing business by being fully me and embodying who I am. I love the network of gentle souls that gather in that space and really appreciate how deeply and safely Tara is holding the space and is lovingly guiding us. Thank you for this truly unique and beautiful space.

Nicola Humber

Founder of The Unbound Press and Transformational Writing Mentor

My session with Tara blew my mind! Both the colour mirrors and numerology that came through gave me SO much insight and affirmation.  The way Tara held the space and shared different perspectives was incredibly powerful. I felt (and continue to feel!) so beautifully supported by what emerged during the session. I'd recommend a reading with Tara to anyone who's looking for a sense of direction and deep clarity around what they're here to do in the world.

Lulu Kitololo

Lulu Kitololo Studio

The Business Chakras Alchemy course is like therapy for your business. It invites you to dig really deep, on a personal level, to uncover the limiting beliefs, thoughts and behaviours that are holding you back from fully shining in business.

I really enjoyed all the different aspects of the work.

The regressions helped me to connect to my purpose in such a profound way.

The workbooks offered prompts that got me to really explore and investigate my life and to understand the connections with where I feel stuck or what’s holding me back.

And when I got into the colour bottles, I started to access affirmation and guidance that was always incredibly on point for my particular circumstances.

Indeed, if I had to describe the course in a word: magical.

It’s an experience I would highly recommend to any soulful business owner who is truly open to transformation and sharing their brilliance with the world.

Plus: it’s a beautiful thing to do this work alongside like-minded souls, in such a non-judgemental, open-minded, supportive space. Tara really creates the most conducive, warm and safe environment for what is intimate and powerful work!

Ami E


It was the best investment in myself and you can't put a price on that, it will last you a lifetime! I felt supported way beyond the structure of the programme. The space felt safe, warm and a joy to be in, as well as meet new wonderful people. It is so unique and really encouraged me to feel and not overthink which created a lot of freedom.

Lorraine Pannetier

The Soulful Word

If this course speaks to your soul and the colours bring you a sense of energy, excitement and curiosity, then I invite you to jump in 100%.
I was drawn to Tara’s Business Chakras Alchemy course through this element of colour. As a lightworker blessed with a multitude of energetic gifts, I always allow my soul and intuition to choose the courses I take, the challenges I join and the coaches I work with. From the first moment I met Tara I knew she was a like-minded soul, kindred spirit and fellow Starseed. I was curious about why she appeared in my life and how she could help me to grow, evolve and transform (or how I could help her). I experienced a 1-1 regression session and a 5 day challenge with Tara before hearing about the Business Chakras Alchemy course, by which time I knew it was 100% the right thing for me.
Business Chakras Alchemy is a beautiful blend of visualisations, regressions, personal reflection and deep inner work. Delivered in an easy to consume format, the programme feels spacious, expansive and filled with love. I enjoyed the slow pace of the course which allows for plenty of time to journal, sit in meditation, reflect on your limiting beliefs and personal experiences and to integrate and embody this into your life and business.
I really enjoyed going deeper into each chakra which gave me a better understanding of my body as a whole and how I can use this energy to help me move forward in business and remove that feeling of ‘stuckness’ in some areas of my life.
The colour bottles were the true revelation for me. I intuitively felt drawn to some and repelled by others, and I spent many hours reflecting on why specific colours brought up such intense feelings and what this might relate to in this life or past lifetimes. It was fascinating to see how the meaning of each colour bottle connected to where I was with specific business projects or personal life events. This helped me to uncover more layers and move closer to embodying the true essence of me in all my fullness and abundance.
Business Chakras Alchemy has the potential to transform your life and business if you drop into your heart and allow yourself to be intuitively guided to your truth.
You can also watch a testimonial video here.

Jody Woodbridge

Reiki and spiritual wellness

Thank you Tara for this amazing experience. It really has been transformative for me. The BEST investment in me. I'm incredibly pleased I did it. Jody's full testimonial is available to watch here.

Emily Housman

Wow, thank you so very much for our session, it really was incredible, and so good to do a deep dive in, with your intuitive guidance. I felt very safe and held whilst you also brought the frequency of limitlessness to the changes I felt.

Lorraine Pannetier

The Soulful Word

Thank you for our beautiful session - I've been enjoying incorporating both the past life work and chakra balancing points into my writing. It's bringing up so many amazing things to reflect on and transform. So thank you so much again for your amazing work and beautiful soul.

Rionach Aiken

Visibility Coach for Visionary Leaders

Following our session on visibility and my own big commitment to breaking through my next-level visibility blocks, I set up weekly lives in my FB group and showed up consistently to create and promote these. As a result I have more than doubled the size of my group, and created a highly engaged group which gives me content for the weekly sessions which they love. I'm also emailing my list weekly and creating weekly blogs from the same content. I've increased my mailing list and I'm posting more regularly to Instagram. So with only one powerful session with you, I really feel like I broke through a big block and freed up a lot of energy to create juicy content, engage my people and grow my audience. And within all of this, I'm discovering more and more what my work is, how I can use my gifts to serve, what I can offer that my people need, love and respond to. So I'm creating my unique body of work as well. Magic!

Bella Glover

I found the session a profound experience and haven’t ever experienced anything that strongly before.

Laura Nadia

Holistic Wellness Coach

I had a past life regression session with Tara, and I had such a profound experience. Tara was a wonderful guide, she made me feel very comfortable and safe and she knew the right questions to ask to guide me through the experience. She's also very supportive outside of the actual session. I wasn't expecting the results that I got, but what did happen is going to stick with me. I knew that I was making an investment, and that it would pay off in ways that I couldn't really understand at the time. Now I'm starting to understand why I signed up for it. I think that it's giving me strength and motivation to continue in my life's journey and through some struggles that I've been having. So thank you, Tara, very much. You're wonderful and I know that you're going to continue to help loads and loads of people. You can see the testimonial recording here.

Shapla Halim

Simplify Minds Eye

My life has completely transformed since starting the programme. I had a huge shift halfway through that I am so thankful for. I woke up one day and had no anxiety (and haven’t had any since), and I literally had anxiety in some form for two years straight! It was always something that I thought I'd have to manage in my life, it never occurred to me that I could just let go of it, and it just happened so effortlessly. I think that's also the beauty of the programme that you don't need to understand consciously everything that's happening to you. I’ve also learned how to hold my negative thoughts and let them go, rather than sitting with them, like I used to. It’s incredible, and the greatest gift of all, that I can just be at peace with myself. The beauty of the programme is that you just have to be present and let go of any expectations around needing to ‘do’ something and just let it happen. The exercises you give are incredible, but the visualisations are just so powerful. I’m forever thankful!

Maria Elena Suarez

Fashion Designer and Illustrator

Working through the different chakras in this 11 weeks programme that Tara has made for all of us, has been one of the best things that I have ever done for myself and for my business.

I was feeling lost and without clarity before the programme started and after it finished I have gained more confidence not only in myself but in what I am creating and bringing to this world with my business. I feel that I know which steps I have to take and although it is a process that requires time, patience, passion and a lot of care and love, to make it in a way that connects with people and more importantly that lifts their spirit up. I am more sure than ever before that I am going through the right path.

Now I am embracing every change and challenging situation as part of the process with another perspective, more maturity, feeling secure and trusting that everything is working for me in the best possible way and that I am getting the right help, support, money and inspiration from everywhere and everyone that I encounter in my life. Nothing is casual, everything has been made for us to learn the right lessons, the ones that our souls need to learn so we can evolve and live the life that we are supposed to be living on Earth, full of prosperity, light, love, happiness, equality, balance and where everyone supports and helps each other with an open heart.

I strongly recommend to work with Tara and this course to anyone who wants to rediscover themselves, connect with their true essence and meet a group of amazing pure souls that will help you through the way, and that they will share with you similar situations in life that will bring you more clarity and understanding of your own circumstances.

I am proud of myself, for allowing myself to receive this vibrant gift from the universe with open arms and heart.

Thank you, thank you, thank you Tara for making this happened and for helping all of us!!!

Sarika Jain

Love and relationship coach

Thanks so much for our session recently - it was really profound! I’m inspired to go inward, asking for guidance from my inner fire in writing and sharing the book. It’s been a very revelatory experience to find my personal truth through my journey of becoming a writer and author.

Jessy Paston

I just wanted to say that your course has helped me so, so much. It truly feels like I am born again. Just being able to focus on each area, and your calls, is extremely powerful. I am so grateful to you for holding space and doing this. Plus the group energy is so healing and it is so nice to connect with like minded empaths. You can watch Jessy's video testimonial here.

Yolandi Boshoff

Divine Soul

I just had the biggest download during the night - thanks Tara for the regression yesterday as this set things in motion for my conscious mind to understand what was happening.

Jennifer Cockcroft


It was a really powerful experience for me, emotionally cathartic but also supportive and enlightening. I’ve never experienced any type of regression before, so I was a little nervous about this part, although not sceptical as I know many people who’ve been through it and had important revelations. And although I felt some incredibly strong energies during the journey, and had some vivid images, powerful emotions and physical responses, and clear words appear, it was also a really wonderful release that gave me a deeper insight into where some of my long-held fears around self-expression come from. I’ve been thinking about and sitting with what came up over the last few days, letting the lessons integrate, the stuckness release, and finding more ease and courage to speak up. So thank you again for guiding me (virtually) through the regression.

Karin Huber


Thank you for the powerful session last night and for holding space for us so beautifully. I can feel a real gentleness in the whole process. It often feels like not much is happening and at the same time, I can feel profound things happening. It's as if things are happening behind the scene or deep down, not yet in my consciousness. And I find it amazing how the colours we are working with are so present in my everyday life without consciously thinking of it. You can watch Karin's video testimonial here.

Christina King

Wild Indigo Holistic

Thank you so much for the regression really made me realise that it all needed to happen for me to become the person I am today. It sounds so simple and so common sense but yesterday made me actually see this clearly and internalise it. Thank you so much. You have a really calming and soothing voice and presence too which made me comfortable and at ease instantly.

Helen Rebello

You have no idea how much you've helped change the trajectory of my life and work. I'm so grateful to you and I'm glowing too.

Lulu Kitololo

Lulu Kitololo Studio

My session with Tara was incredibly powerful. The past life regression session helped me to open up things outside my consciousness. Things that have helped me better understand what I need to do, to move past certain unhelpful patterns and blocks in my life. The Colour Mirrors process was fun, enlightening and very affirming.
I initially didn’t know what to expect but Tara guided me through the entire process with such warmth, care and compassion. I can’t wait for my next session!

Bridget Butler

Modern Woman Ancient Essentials

I am honestly blown away by the clarity I am receiving when doing these visualizations. Tara is phenomenal at guiding you right to the source of what needs attention.

Lara Waldman

The Abundance Activator

The session with Tara revealed some very powerful information that is important to the work that I facilitate. I had a huge level of awareness around  the kind of self care that we need as women to dismantle the patriarchy from our energy systems and how to transform the trauma wounding from past generations and our current life time. I was shown the gold and the aligned guidance that I needed to take in my business to support my clients with this process. I had a business breakthrough that was aligned with feminine wisdom and feminine power, showing me how to bring the healthy empowered feminine into my business, my own life, and the lives of my clients. Thank you Tara!

Lola Fayemi

Boss Ass Living

It has been truly transformational and wonderful to take a deep indulgent dive into my Chakras with Tara this year.  I've found the process immensely valuable in activating and releasing blocks in my chakras. Tara held the space so beautifully and lovingly with her gorgeous soft power which really supported my process of doing deep work in a relaxing way - my favourite way! Having the colour mirrors' support in the process has really helped me to tune in and receive the guidance or healing each chakra was needing.

Katarzyna Rutkowska

Healing and Alignment

Thanks to Tara’s intuitive guidance I could connect to and clear issues which have been hidden deeply in my subconscious for a very long time. I could transmute feelings including disconnection and lack of inspiration through very powerful energy work. With the use of the ‘Colour Mirrors’ system Tara could identify blocks and patterns which have been stopping me from moving forward in my business and personal life.

Dani Schulze-Niehoff

Alchemist Coaching

My two healing sessions with Tara were very comforting, healing and profound. I became curious about her work with colour therapy to access deeper levels of consciousness as I work with that intuitively too in my work as a breath & energy guide.
The course of each session was very open and intuitively adapted to my very own needs, which I very much appreciated. Tara created a very safe space for me & I felt very seen throughout. Based on the colours I picked and on the energies that were connected to them, we went into two past life regressions. And the experiences were incredibly profound, although the traveling itself was very soft and easy for me. I was able to see the root of some of my panic and have been experiencing a state of relaxation that is new to me since. I was also presented with clarity and choice about my life purpose and that I have the power to choose my own way of living authentically. Thank you again Tara for a lovely experience!

Shapla Halim

The best part was fully embracing my past lives through meditation, which before I never even thought of but now explains everything and makes perfect sense. I thought I would need hypnotherapy or deep psychological work to understand myself in this way but Tara teaches you effortlessly to trust yourself and let your intuition guide you.  Thanks to her I now know more than ever that I have every answer to every question I may ever ask inside of me and I can heal my ancestral and past lives trauma just by practising self love and using my intuition.

Meha Hindocha

Meha Art

Over the course of 3 months Tara has really helped me connect to my inner voice. Her flexible approach has meant we’ve tried a number of different ways to develop my intuition. This has enabled me to make better decisions with more clarity and certainty. Tara isn’t afraid to tackle difficult blocks and has provided ample support throughout the process. She has a gentle and firm manner which enabled me to open up and persist with the process.

Meron Shapland

Soulscape Your Life

It has been such a comfort to have Tara’s intuitive guidance and her wealth of knowledge assisting me whilst setting up my business. Her input has been priceless. Her firmness and recommendations in getting me organised have helped me become more professional and grounded. Every empath starting a business needs Tara, she is an absolute joy to work with.

Shannon Conway

Shannon Conway Coaching

Tara is integral to my business. Her grounded guidance and tender brilliance helped me heal into my strength as a coaching mentor. She sees the vision I hold for the business and holds it with me. We are on track for a growth year; she’s a huge piece of why. She celebrates, strategizes, executes, and teaches all with equal grace and integrity. I am honored to be working with Tara.