Laser focused one-to-one support to help you clear your business blocks. Perfect if you are struggling with a particular issue that keeps coming up and are looking for guidance and holding to support you to move through it. Find out more here.

A combination of practical and alchemical support to help you ground and align your business with the chakras. This is perfect for you if you are in the earlier stages of your business and need more practical, grounded advice on how to get yourself set up and running when it comes to the different parts of an online business. You can take a look at the business chakras to see where you might need and/or want support, and how to apply.


An 11-week programme for empath entrepreneurs. This is perfect for you if you have been in business for a couple of years and are looking for the next level of support to help you start owning your worth and value reaching the people you are here to serve and make an impact in your business. The programme is designed to take you through a number of blocks that can come up in each chakra, when it comes to your business impact and help you clear them. Find out more and join the waitlist here.

Practical meets magical in this 3 month sacred container for women entrepreneurs. This is a space for female entrepreneurs who are looking for that next level of support to provide guidance, accountability and alchemy. This space is held by myself and fellow master coach, Shannon Conway. Find out more and apply here.

Wellness support for the awakening journey, in alignment with the seasons.

A five day mini series with tools to support you to connect with your intuition.

Wellbeing tailored to each of the seven main chakras in the body.

Feel more present and embodied, and connect with YOUR body on an even deeper level.