Embodied Power is choosing to go ALL in.

It’s no longer saying or thinking you want something, but actually jumping in and out, never fully committing.


It’s letting go of patterns and addictions that keep you playing small and self-sabotaging.


It’s burning away the things that don’t serve you, whether it’s relationships, friendships, jobs etc. knowing it may be bloody hard, but there is no other way.


It’s healing ancestral, past-life and childhood traumas and patterns, that you don’t need to keep carrying.


It’s tapping into the creative power you carry inside, letting it be your guide and wellspring when needed.


It’s doing whatever it takes to be a co-creator in your life, whilst also deeply leaning into the support available to you (seen and unseen) and guidance from your intuition.



Welcome to this 1-2-1 deep dive experience for leaders, changemakers and heart-soul-centred entrepreneurs to fully step into and embody their authentic power.


This is a portal for you if you know you are here to be ALL of you.


For you to lead from this truth, because deep within you, you *know* how incredible and powerful you are and that your energy and way of doing things does and will make a difference, as you receive and embody your wholeness.


Working closely in a one-to-one container we will be:

  • Clearing and releasing anything that is ‘stopping’ you from stepping into your power.
  • Tuning into your limitless potential.
  • Harnessing your gifts to align with what you are here to create and co-create (with others and spirit).
  • Bringing in a new (old) way of doing and being that is rooted in ancient wisdom.
  • Diving into your pure, cosmic and grounded power, which considers the whole, to remind you of this truth and that it is the most aligned way for you to be and show up.
  • Connecting to nature and honouring her wisdom and cycles.
  • Reminding you of the innate wisdom you hold within and when you come from this place everything changes.
  • Bringing the spiritual into the physical.
  • Slowing down to create from the stillness.

What you may receive from this portal

  • Stepping into and owning your full power, so you show up and / or lead from this place.
  • Aligning with what you are here to do and be.
  • Knowing your power as a co-creator, able to tap into this limitless power to create your reality, as well as bring through inspired new creations if that is what is aligned for you.
  • Learning to trust yourself on a whole new level.
  • Working in ways that support YOU holistically, mind, body and soul, and that feel f***ing good inside.
  • Feeling fulfilled and like you are living a life of purpose and meaning.
  • Living a life that feels wealthy to you.

Who this programme is for

You know there is more for you. You know you are here to live a life that feels aligned on every single level and that allows you to be fully YOU! 


You are a sensitive soul who is connected to your intuition. You are in tune with energy. You can tell when something feels right for you and when it doesn’t.


You are ready to find more flow, fun, pleasure and spaciousness by creating what you really want. This could be new, aligned clients who love to work with you as you truly are. It could be a new offering or creation that fills you up and will serve those it’s meant for powerfully. It could be something else.


You are open to what this journey will bring up, and trust that whatever does IS right for you.


You are ready to align with what your heart and soul is calling in. The energy is buzzing, and you feel it calling you now. It’s here for you to harness to create your next level.


It’s about letting yourself be ALL of you. Embodying your power, which I see as your you-ness.


This programme is NOT for the faint-hearted. Yes you’re a sensitive soul but you are powerful as f**k! You see the magic in the world and as a kid you were often seen as the weird one as you sung to your own tune, were away with the Angels and fairies, or had your dragons. You may have dulled your magic in the past through addictions, patterns and doing things you thought you *should* to fit in but have learned to bring it out again. At least to a certain extent. Now it’s time to go ALL in! To commit to yourself, to what it takes….


You will do what it takes even if it’s scary. 


You have the time, or will create the time, to go ALL in and let this portal lead.

The practical parts

Three powerful months. Three sessions each month. Simple but powerful tools and practices to embody and support you between sessions. There is also the option to include and/or receive this programme as VIP days.


🌟 Two online workshops with individual visualisations and prompts. ‘Own your creative power’ and ‘Embodied Wealth’.

🎨A Soul Colours Colour Mirrors reading which looks at your birthdate and name as it is now, to give you greater insight into your purpose and what you are truly here to be and do.


How we work specifically in each session will vary as I work intuitively with your needs.

These are the spirit creatures that have been with me whilst I connected to the energy of this offer and grounded it, which also now guide this journey:

🐍 Snake – invites you to connect to your life force and creator energy. The pure unlimited creative power and potential you carry within.

🐉 Dragon – is here to release what you don’t need, anything you don’t truly want, or that isn’t aligned. Dragon also reminds you of your fire power.

🔥 Phoenix – shows you how to rise from the ashes, aligned with what you are creating. AND more importantly allowing it to be AS GOOD AS IT CAN BE.


You can see a video of my behind the scenes connections to the soul of this offer here.


A little about working with me:

  • I am intense. I dive deep and I go all in. I don’t know any other way to do it.
  • I embody everything I share and hold a powerful and transformational space that will only allow people to enter who are ready to step up and align with what/who they are really here to do and be.
  • I play with the edges of what feels comfortable. I work with the seasons and cycles of nature – from within and without. I deeply trust my intuition and have been living and working with it consciously as my guide for 10 years.
  • I have sat in the not knowing. The void. The space in-between, even when I have felt so damn uncomfortable. Doing this is often integral to the journey we will be going on together, and sheer f***ing magic unfolds when you do this.
  • I will always let you know my truth, and I will only hold space for you to show up from yours.
  • I am deeply committed to holding a safe and grounded space for you to feel comfortable and held during our journey together.
  • I see, feel (and sometimes hear) energy powerfully, so will be your gentle but no BS guide on the side, as I encourage and support you to align with your truth, shed the un-needed layers and embody ALL your power.

You know if this is for you.

If you are feeling that inner knowing, let’s chat and explore working together. I invite you to book in a time to meet on Zoom here.