Embodied Power 1-2-1 Coaching



Where are you not claiming your power?

Where are you not claiming your truth?

Where are you not claiming your wholeness?

Where are you not claiming who YOU are?


Where are you shying away from your magnificence?

Where are you hiding from your unique qualities?

Where are you dulling your sparkle?

Where are you ignoring the whispers of your soul?


It is time.

It is time.

It is time.

Time to…


Step into it.

Claim it.

Live it.

Be it.



(Excerpt from one of my books, Embodied Wealth - I AM).

Working with me 1-2-1 is a deep dive experience for leaders, changemakers and heart-soul-centred entrepreneurs to fully step into and embody their authentic power.

This is a portal for you if you know you are here to be ALL of you.

For you to lead from this truth, because deep within you, you *know* how incredible and powerful you are and that your energy and way of doing things does and will make a difference, as you receive and embody your wholeness.

Working closely in a one-to-one container over a number of sessions* (we will tune into what feels most aligned), we will be:

  • Clearing and releasing anything that is ‘stopping’ you from stepping into your power.
  • Tuning into your limitless potential.
  • Harnessing your gifts to align with what you are here to create and co-create (with others and spirit).
  • Bringing in a new (old) way of doing and being that is rooted in ancient wisdom.
  • Diving into your pure, cosmic and grounded power, which considers the whole, to remind you of this truth and that it is the most aligned way for you to be and show up.
  • Connecting to nature and honouring her wisdom and cycles.
  • Reminding you of the innate wisdom you hold within and when you come from this place everything changes.
  • Bringing the spiritual into the physical.
  • Slowing down to create from the stillness.

*Working with me 1-2-1 includes complimentary membership in my Embodied Business group space for business wellbeing, co-creation and alignment. If relevant, I will share more details.

A little about working with me:

I am intense. I dive deep and I go all in. I don’t know any other way to do it.

I embody everything I share and hold a powerful and transformational space that will only allow people to enter who are ready to step up and align with what/who they are really here to do and be.

I play with the edges of what feels comfortable. I work with the seasons and cycles of nature – from within and without. I deeply trust my intuition and have been living and working with it consciously as my guide for 10 years.

I have sat in the not knowing. The void. The space in-between, even when I have felt so damn uncomfortable. Doing this is often integral to the journey we will be going on together, and sheer f***ing magic unfolds when you do this.

I will always let you know my truth, and I will only hold space for you to show up from yours.

I am deeply committed to holding a safe and grounded space for you to feel comfortable and held during our journey together.

You know if this is for you.


If you are feeling a yes, let’s chat and explore working together. I invite you to book in a time to connect on Zoom here.

  • Working with Tara has been transformational on every level. She models the adage, “as within, so without…” Providing gentle guidance to access my inner wisdom, asking thoughtful questions I would otherwise not consider which leads me to an expanded understanding of myself and my business. Tara’s ability to provide a safe space to consider new ways and access my deepest self has proven to be essential time and time again. In the last 18 months, I have increased my net worth, had numerous large opportunities, and felt increased capacity for success - all while enjoying life more than ever. The biggest difference I see in my life is my ability to trust my unique strengths and bring them to the world, both personally and professionally. Tara skillfully facilitates my ability to access, embrace and lead myself which is my secret sauce. If I had one thing to say to someone who was considering working with Tara, I would say: Run, don’t walk to Tara. Lean in and be amazed. Her technique is unique - you will find nothing like it out there - and it will change your life. 
    Angel Ludwig
    Organisational Design Consultant
  • Working with Tara on a 1-2-1 basis has been life-changing for me. It has enabled me to truly and fully embrace a new way of being, doing and creating in my life. It allowed me to enter a space of not-knowing with my body as a guide in the void that opened up. What makes Tara's support so special and unique is her broad range of experience and expertise. This means that no matter what comes up in a session with her she is able to be there to support. We had deep intuitive sessions working on emotional blocks, magical sessions creating new offers, drafting action plans, as well as sessions where I could benefit immensely from her practical and technical knowledge of running a business. To have Tara as a guide by my side, holding space for me on this journey is something I am deeply grateful for.
    Karin Huber
  • Seriously, I am so blown away by your work and how you hold space. I always have the most liberating and incredible breakthroughs in our sessions. I am so overjoyed that I get to work with you, and that in you I found someone who knows how to hold space for me, in exactly the way I need. Thank you for helping me reclaim and accept ALL the parts of myself.
    Toni Giselle Stuart
    Poet, performer & healer
  • Thanks so much for our session recently - it was really profound! I’m inspired to go inward, asking for guidance from my inner fire in writing and sharing the book. It’s been a very revelatory experience to find my personal truth through my journey of becoming a writer and author.
    Sarika Jain
    Love and relationship coach
  • The session with Tara revealed some very powerful information that is important to the work that I facilitate. I had a huge level of awareness around  the kind of self care that we need as women to dismantle the patriarchy from our energy systems and how to transform the trauma wounding from past generations and our current life time. I was shown the gold and the aligned guidance that I needed to take in my business to support my clients with this process. I had a business breakthrough that was aligned with feminine wisdom and feminine power, showing me how to bring the healthy empowered feminine into my business, my own life, and the lives of my clients. Thank you Tara!
    Lara Waldman
    The Abundance Activator