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Are you looking to create change in the world through the work that you do?

Do you hope to support yourself and enjoy life, whilst doing what you love?

Are you hoping to reach more people, and above all the 'right' people, who you are here to serve?

At the moment you might be feeling a bit stuck on your entrepreneurial path, despite your unwavering passion and commitment. You may recognise some of these challenges:

💰 Difficulty in valuing your services at their true worth.

😱 Overcoming fears that hold you back from business growth.

🤬 Falling into self-sabotaging patterns that hinder your progress.

🥰 Struggling to attract and retain clients, money, and support.

🗣 Not fully unleashing your powerful voice and message.

🤯 Battling burnout and boundary issues due to scarcity mindset.

🌳 Craving grounding, self-love, and nourishment to flourish.

I get it. I’ve been there.

I was being guided to be more visible in my business (in photos and on video) for months, before I finally started to show myself.
I over-gave and under charged when it came to my offers, leading to me being in serious debt and having to work multiple jobs just to get by.
I was petrified of claiming my spiritual gifts fearing what others would think of me.
I would self-sabotage through drinking, and not taking action to keep myself hidden and where I felt 'safe'.

I knew I was here to do more, but I had so many blocks getting in the way, stopping me from stepping into the visions I had for myself deep down. It was only when I got help, and started to work through them - releasing, clearing, healing and re-writing them that things began to shift. I know the power of this work and how your whole outer world can change so fast as you do the work on the inside, so I am truly honoured and excited to now support you to do the same.

This signature course (9 modules in total, with bonuses) will support you to clear your business blocks, and connect with yourself on a deeper level, which supports you in all areas of your life.

What you'll experience...

🌈 Chakra Alchemy: Navigate the seven main chakras within your body, along with the Earth and Soul Star chakras. Discover how these energy centres impact your business and life.

🎨 Colour Alchemy: Express yourself through painting and drawing, tapping into the transformative power of colours (with the spiritual colour psychology from the Colour Mirrors system).

🕸 Past-Life and Ancestral Regressions: Uncover hidden patterns and clear obstacles that have been holding you back.

🌅 Guided Visualisations: Journey inward to gain insight, clarity, and vision for your entrepreneurial path.

📓 Journaling: Powerful journaling prompts for each module will support you to deepen your self-awareness and growth.

💫 Clearing: Release, heal, and rewrite the beliefs and patterns that no longer serve you.

Plus, you'll receive two bonus deep dives into the colours coral (for self-acceptance and expansion) and gold (for stepping into your power).


Transformational outcomes await you

As you clear your inner blocks, remarkable changes can unfold:

🔥 Moving from feeling stuck to taking purposeful, aligned action.

💪 Embracing your true worth and confidently setting your prices.

🛡️ Establishing healthy boundaries to prevent overwhelm and depletion.

🔊 Stepping into your authentic power and sharing your message boldly.

💖 Deepening your connection with yourself, fostering personal and business growth.

This is a space for inner alchemy

This programme is for those willing to delve deep into their shadows, confront past memories, and unlock their true potential. It's a magical, colourful, and alchemical space designed to guide you to your authentic power.

The Guiding Spirit Animals

Whilst connecting to the soul of this offer three spirit animals came through very clearly for it. This was such a magical experience for me, as they are all night creatures and this programme is very much about diving into the blocks, shadows and moving past fears to find the gold. Here is a little more about them:

Firefly: all about illumination and wonder in the darkness. It’s about what’s on the inside and the gems in our lives are uncovered by really digging. Fireflies don’t use energy to light up (which is how they call in a mate), so are a metaphor for looking after your energy for your own success, honouring natural rhythms of mother earth (which is the foundation in all I offer). It’s also about the wonders of childhood and magic in all things – and I want to encourage you to think back to when you were a child and what you believed was possible for you then. Let that fire in your soul shine outward to fulfil your dreams. Whilst it’s about shining a light on your inner shadows, it’s also hiding your light until you feel safe to share.

Owl: is a sign of a deep connection with your wisdom and intuitive knowledge. It’s about seeing what’s hidden to most and exploring the unknown and magic of life. The owl is also a guide to uncovering your hidden potential and abilities. We will be diving into your truth and uncovering your wisdom beneath the blocks.

Anteater: is also about digging beneath the surface and finding the truth beneath. Anteaters have a heightened sense of smell which is about connecting more with your intuition and other abilities. We will be using different sensory techniques to clear your blocks and any obstacles that are coming up. Anteater also encourages you to move at your own pace and enjoy the process, so that you show up and do what is aligned for YOU not someone else.

The energy of this transformational container

This is a space where you can let yourself travel into your shadows, into the parts where you might be holding on to memories that are keeping you stuck, or not fully owning what you know you are capable of.

It is a space that is magical, colourful and alchemical, inspiring you to go into your body, as that is where the wisdom is.

It’s a space of nourishment, from up above and down below, to hold you as you to step into your authentic power, alchemising the parts that up to this point have kept you in patterns of self-sabotage or not taking your heart-aligned action.

You will align more and more with your true self, and start to show up from this place of deep inner knowing.

Outline of content

Module 1Earth Star Chakra. Grounding your roots to build strong business foundations. Plus nourishment and support so you feel held throughout. Colour: copper

Module 2Base/Root Chakra. Regressing into the base, bringing in the Colour Mirrors bottles for this chakra. Tapping into blocks around money, survival, boundaries, victimhood. Colour: red.

Module 3Sacral Chakra. Using creative expression and colour, tuning into sacral blocks around receiving, creativity and connecting to your Cosmic creative soul. Colour: orange.

Module 4Solar Plexus Chakra. Regressing into the solar plexus, bringing in the Colour Mirrors bottles for this chakra. Tapping into blocks around owning your worth, authentic power, confidence, being a leader in your way and claiming your value. Colour: yellow.

Module 5Heart Chakra. Using creative expression and colour, tuning into heart blocks around feeling safe to share, connecting authentically, leading from the heart and allowing yourself to be vulnerable. Colour: green ( we will also touch on pink).

Module 6Throat Chakra. Regressing into memories stored in the throat, bringing in the Colour Mirrors bottles for this chakra. Tapping into blocks around expression, being seen and speaking up. Colour: blue.

Module 7 - Third Eye Chakra. Using creative expression and colour, tuning into third eye blocks around trusting the guidance, visioning in your business, owning your spiritual gifts. Colour: indigo/royal blue.

Module 8Crown Chakra. Connecting to the crown chakra, bringing in the Colour Mirrors bottles for this chakra. Tapping into blocks around taking action, stepping into your purpose, surrendering to support and Divine guidance. Colour: violet/purple.

Module 9Soul Star Chakra. This final week is all about connecting to the love and holding available from this chakra, so that you move forward feeling held. Colour: magenta. 


Plus receive the following bonuses:

  • A two part online workshop: 'Connect with your inner child,' which includes visualisations, creative exercises and journaling prompts.
  • A five day mini experience on grounding and aligning your business chakras.
  • Content and visualisation on the colour coral for deeper self-acceptance.
  • Content and activation on the colour gold to embody your power.

You have access to this course for as long as I am offering it.

Pricing options

You can join this course at any time and have access to all the content straight away.

There are two payment options...

Full payment of £600 or 2 x payments of £320. 

PART SCHOLARSHIP OFFER - I offer a few scholarships ranging from 10% - 50% off the full price. Applications for these are here. Please apply at any time.

PLUS receive a 1-2-1 with me, Tara, to support you. It must be taken within six months of joining.

Once you sign up you will be sent joining instructions, within 24 hours, to access all of the content online on Teachable. 

  1. Full payment of £600.

2. Two monthly payments of £320. This is an auto payment set up in PayPal.

Includes access for as long as this course is available.

REFUND POLICY - There are no refunds offered as this is a digital course and you receive access to all content immediately. So please do purchase this programme mindfully.

What others are saying...

Katarzyna Rutkowska

Healing and Alignment

I am amazed at the depth and quality of the first week. The long meditation brought a lot of tears and feelings, connection with my body is so important.

Jennifer Vincent

Story Exploratory

So much good has come into my life in the last year. I’d love to continue to be part of the group!

Lulu Kitololo

Lulu Kitololo Studio

The Business Chakras Alchemy course is like therapy for your business. It invites you to dig really deep, on a personal level, to uncover the limiting beliefs, thoughts and behaviours that are holding you back from fully shining in business.

I really enjoyed all the different aspects of the work.

The regressions helped me to connect to my purpose in such a profound way.

The workbooks offered prompts that got me to really explore and investigate my life and to understand the connections with where I feel stuck or what’s holding me back.

And when I got into the colour bottles, I started to access affirmation and guidance that was always incredibly on point for my particular circumstances.

Indeed, if I had to describe the course in a word: magical.

It’s an experience I would highly recommend to any soulful business owner who is truly open to transformation and sharing their brilliance with the world.

Plus: it’s a beautiful thing to do this work alongside like-minded souls, in such a non-judgemental, open-minded, supportive space. Tara really creates the most conducive, warm and safe environment for what is intimate and powerful work!

Ami E


It was the best investment in myself and you can't put a price on that, it will last you a lifetime! I felt supported way beyond the structure of the programme. The space felt safe, warm and a joy to be in, as well as meet new wonderful people. It is so unique and really encouraged me to feel and not overthink which created a lot of freedom.

Lorraine Pannetier

The Soulful Word

If this course speaks to your soul and the colours bring you a sense of energy, excitement and curiosity, then I invite you to jump in 100%.
I was drawn to Tara’s Business Chakras Alchemy course through this element of colour. As a lightworker blessed with a multitude of energetic gifts, I always allow my soul and intuition to choose the courses I take, the challenges I join and the coaches I work with. From the first moment I met Tara I knew she was a like-minded soul, kindred spirit and fellow Starseed. I was curious about why she appeared in my life and how she could help me to grow, evolve and transform (or how I could help her). I experienced a 1-1 regression session and a 5 day challenge with Tara before hearing about the Business Chakras Alchemy course, by which time I knew it was 100% the right thing for me.
Business Chakras Alchemy is a beautiful blend of visualisations, regressions, personal reflection and deep inner work. Delivered in an easy to consume format, the programme feels spacious, expansive and filled with love. I enjoyed the slow pace of the course which allows for plenty of time to journal, sit in meditation, reflect on your limiting beliefs and personal experiences and to integrate and embody this into your life and business.
I really enjoyed going deeper into each chakra which gave me a better understanding of my body as a whole and how I can use this energy to help me move forward in business and remove that feeling of ‘stuckness’ in some areas of my life.
The colour bottles were the true revelation for me. I intuitively felt drawn to some and repelled by others, and I spent many hours reflecting on why specific colours brought up such intense feelings and what this might relate to in this life or past lifetimes. It was fascinating to see how the meaning of each colour bottle connected to where I was with specific business projects or personal life events. This helped me to uncover more layers and move closer to embodying the true essence of me in all my fullness and abundance.
Business Chakras Alchemy has the potential to transform your life and business if you drop into your heart and allow yourself to be intuitively guided to your truth.
You can also watch a testimonial video here.

Jody Woodbridge

Reiki and spiritual wellness

Thank you Tara for this amazing experience. It really has been transformative for me. The BEST investment in me. I'm incredibly pleased I did it. Jody's full testimonial is available to watch here.

Shapla Halim

Simplify Minds Eye

My life has completely transformed since starting the programme. I had a huge shift halfway through that I am so thankful for. I woke up one day and had no anxiety (and haven’t had any since), and I literally had anxiety in some form for two years straight! It was always something that I thought I'd have to manage in my life, it never occurred to me that I could just let go of it, and it just happened so effortlessly. I think that's also the beauty of the programme that you don't need to understand consciously everything that's happening to you. I’ve also learned how to hold my negative thoughts and let them go, rather than sitting with them, like I used to. It’s incredible, and the greatest gift of all, that I can just be at peace with myself. The beauty of the programme is that you just have to be present and let go of any expectations around needing to ‘do’ something and just let it happen. The exercises you give are incredible, but the visualisations are just so powerful. I’m forever thankful!

Maria Elena Suarez

Fashion Designer and Illustrator

Working through the different chakras in this 11 weeks programme that Tara has made for all of us, has been one of the best things that I have ever done for myself and for my business.

I was feeling lost and without clarity before the programme started and after it finished I have gained more confidence not only in myself but in what I am creating and bringing to this world with my business. I feel that I know which steps I have to take and although it is a process that requires time, patience, passion and a lot of care and love, to make it in a way that connects with people and more importantly that lifts their spirit up. I am more sure than ever before that I am going through the right path.

Now I am embracing every change and challenging situation as part of the process with another perspective, more maturity, feeling secure and trusting that everything is working for me in the best possible way and that I am getting the right help, support, money and inspiration from everywhere and everyone that I encounter in my life. Nothing is casual, everything has been made for us to learn the right lessons, the ones that our souls need to learn so we can evolve and live the life that we are supposed to be living on Earth, full of prosperity, light, love, happiness, equality, balance and where everyone supports and helps each other with an open heart.

I strongly recommend to work with Tara and this course to anyone who wants to rediscover themselves, connect with their true essence and meet a group of amazing pure souls that will help you through the way, and that they will share with you similar situations in life that will bring you more clarity and understanding of your own circumstances.

I am proud of myself, for allowing myself to receive this vibrant gift from the universe with open arms and heart.

Thank you, thank you, thank you Tara for making this happened and for helping all of us!!!

Jessy Paston

I just wanted to say that your course has helped me so, so much. It truly feels like I am born again. Just being able to focus on each area, and your calls, is extremely powerful. I am so grateful to you for holding space and doing this. Plus the group energy is so healing and it is so nice to connect with like minded empaths. You can watch Jessy's video testimonial here.

Karin Huber


Thank you for the powerful session last night and for holding space for us so beautifully. I can feel a real gentleness in the whole process. It often feels like not much is happening and at the same time, I can feel profound things happening. It's as if things are happening behind the scene or deep down, not yet in my consciousness. And I find it amazing how the colours we are working with are so present in my everyday life without consciously thinking of it. You can watch Karin's video testimonial here.