Clear your inner blocks to success and impact

An 11-week programme, for empath entrepreneurs. Next start date is Monday 24 May ending on Friday 6th August 2021.

Are you looking to create change in the world through the work that you do?

Do you aspire to support yourself and enjoy life, whilst doing what you love?

Are you hoping to leave a legacy that can be passed on to future generations?


At the moment you might be feeling a bit stuck. You have already started your business (or are so close to it, but finding yourself not moving forward as you had hoped), you are so passionate about what you are here to do, you want to help and serve others, you want to make a difference with the incredible work that you do, but you just aren’t where you thought you would be.

  💰You might struggle to ask for what you know your services are worth. 😱You may have fears showing up when it comes to different parts of your business. 🤬You may find yourself in sabotaging patterns and behaviours which keep you in a cycle of not taking the action you know you need to. 🥰You may find it hard to receive and hold on to new clients, support, money and more. 🗣You may not be showing up and sharing as powerfully as you know you are here to. 😴You may find yourself feeling burned out and over-giving as you struggle with your boundaries and are saying ‘yes’ to everything as you fall into the scarcity trap. 🌳You may need to lean into even more grounding, self-love and nourishment to spread roots that will hold and support you so you can rise as high as you know you are here to.


I get it. I’ve been there.


I was being guided to be more visible in my business (in photos and on video) for months, before I finally started to show myself. I over-gave and under charged when it came to my offers, leading to me being in serious debt and having to work multiple jobs just to get by. I was petrified of claiming my spiritual gifts fearing what others would think of me. I would self-sabotage through drinking, and not taking action to keep myself hidden and where I felt 'safe'. I knew I was here to do more, but I had so many blocks getting in the way, stopping me from stepping into the visions I had for myself deep down. It was only when I got help, and started to work through them - releasing, clearing, healing and re-writing them that things began to shift. I know the power of this work and how your whole outer world can change so fast as you do the work on the inside, so I am truly honoured and excited to now support you to do the same.

This signature group programme next begins on Monday 24 May 2021 and is an 11-week container, to support you to clear your business blocks.


We will go through the blocks that come up on the entrepreneurial journey which can link to the seven main chakras in the body: base, sacral, solar-plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown, plus the earth and soul star chakras, with time for integration.


Some of the wonderful things that can happen as you clear your blocks are:

Going from feeling stuck to taking aligned action.

Starting to own your worth and feel confident about your pricing.

Asserting better boundaries so that you aren’t left feeling overwhelmed and depleted.

Being more visible and owning your message.

Beginning to show up powerfully in your marketing, in the places that are right for you.


We will be using colour alchemy, expressing through painting and drawing 🎨, past-life and ancestral regressions🕸, journeying through visualisations🌅, journaling📓, coaching support❤️ and clearing💫.

There will also be a couple of integration weeks as this work is deep but powerful. This programme is ONLY for people who are prepared to go into themselves to shift patterns, triggers and memories. It's for people who are ready to dive in and do the work, with the knowing that the gold comes from transforming and alchemising the shadow parts.

The guiding spirit animals

Whilst connecting to the soul of this offer three spirit animals came through very clearly for it. This was such a magical experience for me, as they are all night creatures and this programme is very much about diving into the blocks, shadows and moving past fears to find the gold. Here is a little more about them:

Firefly: all about illumination and wonder in the darkness. It’s about what’s on the inside and the gems in our lives are uncovered by really digging. Fireflies don’t use energy to light up (which is how they call in a mate), so are a metaphor for looking after your energy for your own success, honouring natural rhythms of mother earth (which is the foundation in all I offer). It’s also about the wonders of childhood and magic in all things – and I want to encourage you to think back to when you were a child and what you believed was possible for you then. Let that fire in your soul shine outward to fulfil your dreams. Whilst it’s about shining a light on your inner shadows, it’s also hiding your light until you feel safe to share.

Owl: is a sign of a deep connection with your wisdom and intuitive knowledge. It’s about seeing what’s hidden to most and exploring the unknown and magic of life. The owl is also a guide to uncovering your hidden potential and abilities. We will be diving into your truth and uncovering your wisdom beneath the blocks.

Anteater: is also about digging beneath the surface and finding the truth beneath. Anteaters have a heightened sense of smell which is about connecting more with your intuition and other abilities. We will be using different sensory techniques to clear your blocks and any obstacles that are coming up. Anteater also encourages you to move at your own pace and enjoy the process, so that you show up and do what is aligned for YOU not someone else.

The offering tree

The image of this tree also came as the space to hold the offer and creates the energy for the space that will be holding us all on this journey:

Outline of content

Week 1 – Earth Star Chakra Grounding your roots to build strong business foundations. Plus nourishment and support so you feel held throughout.

Week 2 – Base Chakra Regressing into the base, bringing in the Colour Mirrors bottles for this chakra. Tapping into blocks around money, survival, boundaries, victimhood.

Week 3 – Sacral Chakra Using creative expression and colour, tuning into sacral blocks around receiving, creativity and connecting to your Cosmic creative soul.

Week 4 – Integration week

Week 5 – Solar Plexus Chakra Regressing into the solar plexus, bringing in the Colour Mirrors bottles for this chakra. Tapping into blocks around owning your worth, authentic power, confidence, being a leader in your way and claiming your value.

Week 6 – Heart Chakra Using creative expression and colour, tuning into heart blocks around feeling safe to share, connecting authentically, leading from the heart and allowing yourself to be vulnerable.

Week 7 – Throat Chakra Regressing into memories stored in the throat, bringing in the Colour Mirrors bottles for this chakra. Tapping into blocks around expression, being seen and speaking up.

Week 8 – Integration week

Week 9 – Third Eye Chakra Using creative expression and colour, tuning into third eye blocks around trusting the guidance, visioning in your business, owning your spiritual gifts.

Week 10 – Crown Chakra Connecting to the crown chakra, bringing in the Colour Mirrors bottles for this chakra. Tapping into blocks around taking action, stepping into your purpose, surrendering to support and Divine guidance.

Week 11 – Soul Star Chakras This final week is all about connecting to the love and holding available from this chakra, so that you move forward feeling held.

What others are saying...

Jessy Paston

I just wanted to say that your course has helped me so, so much. It truly feels like I am born again. Just being able to focus on each area, and your calls, is extremely powerful. I am so grateful to you for holding space and doing this. Plus the group energy is so healing and it is so nice to connect with like minded empaths.

Karin Huber


Thank you for the powerful session last night and for holding space for us so beautifully. I can feel a real gentleness in the whole process. It often feels like not much is happening and at the same time, I can feel profound things happening. It's as if things are happening behind the scene or deep down, not yet in my consciousness. And I find it amazing how the colours we are working with are so present in my everyday life without consciously thinking of it.

Lola Fayemi

Boss Ass Living

It has been truly transformational and wonderful to take a deep indulgent dive into my Chakras with Tara this year.  I've found the process immensely valuable in activating and releasing blocks in my chakras. Tara held the space so beautifully and lovingly with her gorgeous soft power which really supported my process of doing deep work in a relaxing way - my favourite way! Having the colour mirrors' support in the process has really helped me to tune in and receive the guidance or healing each chakra was needing.

Shapla Halim

The best part was fully embracing my past lives through meditation, which before I never even thought of but now explains everything and makes perfect sense. I thought I would need hypnotherapy or deep psychological work to understand myself in this way but Tara teaches you effortlessly to trust yourself and let your intuition guide you.  Thanks to her I now know more than ever that I have every answer to every question I may ever ask inside of me and I can heal my ancestral and past lives trauma just by practising self love and using my intuition.

Pricing options

There are two payment options for this 11 week group programme starting on 24th May 2021...

1. Full payment of £1100, due before the start date.

2. Three monthly payments of £380. The first payment is due before the start date, with subsequent payments due monthly.

I am also offering a number of scholarships, ranging from 10% - 50% off the full price, (particularly for, but not limited to, women of colour), applications for these are here. Deadline for applications is 12pm (midday) on Friday 21st May.

In the meantime, I invite you to join me free five-day immersion (from 17-21 May) to support you to tune into your business chakras and what blocks might be coming up for you. You can sign up here.

REFUND POLICY - There are no refunds offered for this programme.


EARLY BOOKING BONUS (before 9th May), you will receive

A personal Colour Mirrors reading (sent as a PDF) on the name of your business, or your name (if you choose), so that you can use it to support you with the energy behind it, colours, and how it wants to be shared. (Value £100).

For everyone who signs up, you will receive

One free month in my group membership 'Soul Star Space', which you will receive in August 2021 (overlapping with the last week for maximum impact), to support you with taking aligned action and building community as an empath entrepreneur. Value £110.

For everyone who pays in full, you will receive

1. One free month in my group membership 'Soul Star Space', which you will receive in August 2021 (overlapping with the last week for maximum impact), to support you with taking aligned action and building community as an empath entrepreneur. Value £110.

2. A 1 hour one-to-one session with me, to dive into your personal blocks or whatever else is coming up for you. You will be sent a link to book this in once the course has begun. Value £250.

A little bit about me, Tara, your guide and space holder...

Business Chakras® Alchemy
I am a business intuitive and mentor, Colour Mirrors alchemist, holistic health and wellness coach and the founder of Empathpreneurs®, a business service for empath entrepreneurs supporting them to align and ground their businesses with the chakras. As well as looking at blocks through ancestral and past life healing, and colour therapy, so that they can feel safe to be seen and show up and express in the way they know they are here to. I have 20 years of varied experience working in and with businesses ranging from global corporations and brands to soulpreneurs and hospitality entrepreneurs. I have worked full time, part time and freelance in many different roles from PR and marketing to HR, business operations and as a PA/VA. My second book, Embodied Business, released on 11.11.2020 looks at each of the seven main chakras in terms of any blocks that might come up which prevent you from showing up in each of these areas as they relate to your business. I am adopted from India, grew up in Kenya and now mostly live in the UK.