Looking at what and where you are looking to market, what you have coming up, as well as what will support your and your business' needs.
Together we will then create a plan for your communications moving forward. Breaking it down into a one - three month plan, it will include themes and areas for you to focus on in your marketing – blogs and / or social media. Relevant to your business and linking to the media trends in a calendar year so that what you share is timely, allowing space for intuitive sharing also.

The third eye chakra, located between your eyebrows, is associated with the colour indigo and is connected to your inner wisdom, your intuition and decisions.


  • Not trusting yourself and what you are here to share
  • Not trusting your inner wisdom
  • Fears around being psychic or intuitive
  • Inability to focus and stick to your vision

The one that is huge for empath entrepreneurs is trusting yourself:

Trusting yourself, particularly when it comes to your talents, your vision and gifts – e.g. your intuitive abilities, is something that many Empathpreneurs have felt ostracised for. This may have happened through past lives or ancestrally. Also our modern culture is not quite there when it comes to some of the more esoteric, healing gifts and whilst a huge shift is occurring, there are many who still think of these gifts as woo woo and not real.

Trust can also come up in terms of trusting the Divine. Trusting the timing of your life. Trusting that you are on the right path and that everything is happening FOR you. This can be another one that modern society doesn’t give much worth to, as we are encouraged to do everything at lightning speed and if it doesn’t happen that fast there must be something wrong with it.

We can look at what might be coming up for you here to support you on your path, moving forward with complete trust and in alignment with your vision.

I invite you to book in a free consultation here and let’s chat about your needs.