A 6 week programme to co-create with what wants to come through

If you would like to take your journey of embodied creation further, I invite you to join the live programme ‘Embodied Creation’, where I will guide you to connect with Gaia and what is calling to come through you at this time, taking the steps to bring it into the physical, with your body, the seasons and cycles. I will be supporting you with any healing and holding to embody who you are being called into, with a supportive community alongside.


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Tara’s Virtual Photo Shoot

A little about me, Tara

I am a business intuitive and mentor, Colour Mirrors alchemist, holistic health and wellness coach and the founder of Empathpreneurs®, a business service for empath entrepreneurs supporting them to align and ground their businesses with the chakras. I also support empathpreneurs to look at blocks through ancestral and past life healing, and colour therapy, so that they can feel safe to be seen and show up and express in the way they know they are here to. I have over 20 years of varied experience working in and with businesses ranging from global corporations and brands to soulpreneurs and hospitality entrepreneurs. I have worked full time, part time and freelance in many different roles from PR and marketing to HR, business operations and as a PA/VA. I am the author of three books: ‘Embodied’, ‘Embodied Business’, and ‘Embodied Creation’, and the 'Embodied Wisdom' oracle card deck. I am adopted from India, grew up in Kenya and now mostly live in the UK.