A 6 week programme to co-create with what wants to come through

I know we are here to create a new way for the good of the whole, working alongside what wants to come through.

I feel that our creations are even more potent as we honour their guidance and co-create with them, and as we do, we we begin to deeply embody work that is aligned with our heart and soul.

I believe that we can create lives and businesses that nourish us on all levels, when we tune into and are guided by the natural cycles and rhythms of nature.

If you would like to take your journey of embodied creation further as shared in my book Embodied Creation, or simply feel aligned with this way, I invite you to join the live programme ‘Embodied Creation’, where I will guide you to connect with Gaia and her wisdom, and what is calling to come through you at this time. This might be a book, a project, a business offering, a musical or other artistic offering, any creation that you can think of.

I will guide you to connect with the soul of your creation, leaning into this guidance and support, then taking the steps to bring it into the physical, deeply tuning into your body, and working with the seasons and cycles. 

This process will support you to embody who you are being called into (as these types of creation have a way of doing that), with a supportive community alongside.

It invites you to get out of your own way, honouring what wants to come through you, not what you think you should be creating.

"Co-creating with the energies that want to come through is something I fully lean into in all of my work. My business Empathpreneurs was created in this way, plus every single offering in it, and all of my books and Oracle card deck. It's a process that constantly blows my mind and enables me to show up in ways that I couldn't ever have logically come up with. It encourages me to work with the seasons and cycles in nature as well as my body, and is so supportive as I can always tune in and ask for guidance."

NEXT START DATE IS TBC in February/March 2023.

In the meantime I am offering a few one-off 1-2-1 Co-creation sessions to support you personally with what you are birthing at this time. You can find out more and book yours here.

Please see below for more details including an early booking offer and bonuses.


Brief outline of the 6 week journey

There will be a live call every week at the same time, which will also be recorded in case you can't make it live. Time and day of the week TBC depending on the group's timezones, but it will be on either a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. Additional content, tools, prompts and visualisations/journeys/activations to support you with the process will be shared on Teachable.

We will also have a private Facebook group for sharing and updates, which will be open for 6 months after the programme, so you can continue to share and be held by the space. 

Please note that the overview below is a rough outline and may vary as the programme is co-created with the group and energy of it when it begins.


Week One 

Begins on a waning moon, to support you to deeply nourish and begin to let go of what isn't aligned with what wants to come through. We will also open the field for your creation, which feels like an energetic container that will hold you and what you are co-creating. I'll also invite you to begin a dream journal to support your creative connection, and use the power of dreams to guide you in the creative process.

Week Two

Harnessing the new moon energy, we will connect to Gaia and the vision of what you are bringing through at this time. Grounding, visioning and seed planting as you begin to 'work' alongside the energies calling to come through.

Week Three 

The moon's energy is rising, so I will invite you to take action on what you are being called to bring through, being totally open to what that guidance is right now.

Week Four 

We will connect with the full moon energy allowing it to guide you as you step into your full power and luminescence to embody your creation, and what it is calling you to become. This includes the power of pleasure and sexual energy, and the part it plays in creation.

Week Five

Holding the vision so that any 'blocks' to its creation naturally fall away, alongside holding and releasing anything that is no longer aligned.

Week Six

This new moon we will be for fine tuning your creation, and deeply grounding your vision so that energetically it (and you) feels safe. This will support you to feel confident taking it into the world when it is ready. We will also connect to any guidance for how the creation wants to be shared, energetically and practically.

Final Closing Call

We will have a final closing call the following week.

Pricing options

Full price: £888. Special intro price for this first ever round: £666. 

Early booking price of £444 available up to midnight GMT 31 January 2023. 

Two payment plans available:

  • Two monthly payments of £222.
  • Four monthly payments of £111. 

Pay in full bonus: receive a 1 hour session to support you personally. This call will be scheduled to be taken during the 6-week live round.

Testimonials: if you would like to see what others are saying about what it's like working with me and the spaces I hold, take a look here.

If you have any questions or want to feel into whether this programme is right for you please email me at tara@empathpreneurs.org. 

** Please purchase mindfully as there are no refunds offered.**

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A little about me, Tara

I am a business intuitive and mentor, Colour Mirrors alchemist, holistic health and wellness coach and the founder of Empathpreneurs®, a business service for empath entrepreneurs supporting them to align and ground their businesses with the chakras. I also support empathpreneurs to look at blocks through ancestral and past life healing, and colour therapy, so that they can feel safe to be seen and show up and express in the way they know they are here to. Alongside this I know we are here to create a new way for the good of the whole, working alongside what wants to come through, and my work supports people aligned with this, to deeply lean into and embody this guidance. I am the author of three books: ‘Embodied’, ‘Embodied Business’, and ‘Embodied Creation’, and the 'Embodied Wisdom' oracle card deck, all co-created with the energies calling to come through me at that time. I am adopted from India, grew up in Kenya and now mostly live between Kenya and the UK.