An online membership space to lean into the energetics and embodiment of entrepreneurship, whilst being a part of a global community.

In Embodied Business® you get to:

  • Create a business that is aligned with what you desire it to be as you co-create with the energy of your business and offers, so that you bring your unique expression into the world.
  • Lean into the support and community of others on this journey – because it can be lonely at times on the entrepreneurial journey and sometimes you just need to run something by someone else, or check in and feel you aren’t alone.
  • Feel nourished by your business as it supports and invites you to work in tune with your body’s unique rhythms and personal needs.
  • Be held as you move through any fears, resistance, and beliefs rising so that you take action from a grounded place, as this is a key part of entrepreneurship.
  • Champion other entrepreneurs as we all rise together!

If this resonates I invite you to join the Embodied Business membership and be part of this growing global community.

There are a number of workshop recordings and visualisations to support you with some of the practical parts, as well as the energetics, expansion, expression and embodiment in your business including:

  • Journeys, activations and regressions to heal/release/clear and align on multiple levels, to support you to step into the wholeness of who you are and OWN it.
  • Mini aligned action recordings when you need to tune in and see what to do/be next, so that you take action from an aligned place.
  • Guidance and prompts to co-create with the soul of your business and offers, so you truly create what you are here to.
  • Practical workshops to support you to take action. I'm sure I don't need to tell you that this is essential to having a business here on earth ;-)!
  • Owning what you share and where you share it – aligned awareness, so that marketing feels good!
  • Showing up in your full power and wholeness and embodying the entrepreneur you are here to be.

Take a look at what resources are available in the space here.

The resource library alone was created live over two years for sensitive entrepreneurs at different stages in business – from a few years in, to over 30 years of experience running a business. If you know that you are being called to lean into this way of doing business you will find resources and content to support you to dive even deeper and show up from this place of YOUR truth.

You can also see this playlist with sample visualisations, included in an immersion on Inviting more ease into your entrepreneurial journey.

Live sessions:

Apart from August and December which are more spacious months, to allow you to rest, to watch content as you desire (which you can always also do).

  • 2 x 1 hour co-working sessions at different times each month.
  • A 1 hour – 90 minute connecting space to meet other members via Zoom rooms. Times will vary each month and this will happen monthly to bi-monthly.
  • A monthly Q & A thread, where you can ask anything and I will respond in a live video or recording.
  • An optional focus/intention to encourage you to take action and help guide the energy of the month.

You are also deeply encouraged to connect and build community within the Facebook group, and see what magic unfolds...

Additional benefits:

  • There will be a directory for you to list your services. I encourage members to use one another’s services.
  • There will be opportunities to teach/share guest classes/workshops so that you expand your reach.
  • A monthly ‘share what you have on’ thread to promote your services, throughout the month, in the group.

This space is new and evolving, so if you feel that there is something that you would love included, please let us know.


The doors are now open and the space officially opens on Monday 13th May 2024.

Pay monthly £12 (approx $15). Cancel any time - please see FAQ's below.

Pay for 12 months in advance £122 (approx $150), save £22 if paying monthly. Please purchase mindfully as no refunds are offered once payment is received.


Once you join, please allow for up to 24 hours max to receive your joining information. If you don't receive it in this time please email


I am brand new to entrepreneurship, will this space provide a framework for me?

Whilst there is content in the space which can support you with some practical aspects of a business (such as creating a mailing list, and PR and working with the media) it is more to support you to lean into the energetics, to trust yourself and your guidance. As such it is not recommended for complete beginners on the entrepreneurial journey, unless you already know how to set up a business and do what is required from a practical standpoint.

What happens if I can’t join live?

All content is saved on Teachable for you to access at any time. If there are additional live trainings/workshops etc - the recordings will be saved. The co-working and connecting sessions are not recorded, so to receive their benefits ideally you need to be able to join live.

The schedule is posted a month in advance and times vary to accommodate for different timezones. There is also a Facebook group for sharing and creating connections at all times.

What do I do if I want to cancel?

Simply cancel your autopayment via PayPal and then please email to confirm your cancellation. Please ensure you do this before the payment is taken from your account as there will be no refunds for payments made.

If you are committing to 12 months (which includes the discount) please purchase mindfully as there will be no refunds for payments made.

If you have any more questions, please email

Tara 7 – 23

A little about me, Tara

I’m Tara, and I don’t do business in the conventional way. (But I did start there, and have over 25 years experience in PR, marketing, events, and business development, in London, UK). Today I let the soul of my business and offers guide me, I live from my intuition, and I have created a unique nourishing, sustainable business where I work with incredible people from around the globe, and get to do things I love and that light me up…such as painting, coaching, visualisations, embodiment, and regularly being in the magical space of energetics. I honour my inner seasons and let the energy lead, even when it means doing nothing as I know things are aligning. By doing business in this way, my way, I have also written four books (with a 5th on the way) and painted and created an oracle deck, alongside my business, in the past 5 years.


Jacqui McGinn

Healing, hypnotherapy and language teaching

If you're committed to coming into your authentic power and doing whatever it takes to get there, Tara will support you through that inner work. I'd known that coming into my body more fully was a vital part of my healing journey, but didn't really get how to do it.  Tara holds what appears to be a gentle space on the surface but I found she can meet me at a depth that few people can, so it's truly a transformational space.  I've completed a full year of Embodied Business and I'm much more in my body and trusting its guidance. Tara models listening to ourselves and communicates really well, so I felt safe, supported and able to go where I needed to go.

Toni Giselle Stuart

Poet, performer, creative writing facilitator

I started 1:1 coaching with Tara in August 2022 and joined Embodied Business in October that year (the space transitioned into Embodied Business Leaders in November 2023). Working with Tara during this year of change has been invaluable. I receive support that helps me release blocks, fears, and past wounds at the root. Tara's energetic work gets to the heart of issues quickly, and shifts happen fast. Here's how I've benefited so far: work feels ease-filled, I love every aspect of my work, I prioritise health, relationships, fun, and rest, my income has significantly increased, I trust my intuition more, I've created a sustainable business, and I'm more myself. What makes the biggest difference is that Tara's space allows me to tap into my power, intuition, and embodied wisdom. I use these practices in all areas of my life, not just my business. You can see a video testimonial from Toni here.

Char Newswanger

Design and branding

Joining this space has shifted me into a deep connection to my inner wisdom and knowing instead of comparison and a feeling of inadequacy. Tara’s gentle, intuitive, powerful approach empowered me to identify the blocks holding me back while also envisioning a path forward. Today my business is aligned with what gives me life and energy. It is work I always envisioned doing but felt unattainable in the past. For entrepreneurs seeking to embody a way of business with alignment, abundance, and peace; I wholeheartedly recommend this experience. The powerful shift it has brought to me in connection, alignment, and joy is remarkable and a gift I am so grateful for.

Katharina Oberlik

Performing Arts

Tara provides and holds the most loving and calm energy. Diving into my business from here feels so good, healing and revolutionary, as it reminds me of the true worth of me being here and sharing my purpose.
Looking and taking action in my business from this place of alignment with the body and the chakras feels healing and just right! The atmosphere in the group is open, vulnerable and very loving, and there are lots of resources to charge your system and find this new approach. Highly recommended!

Aparna Vemula

Whisper Within

Embodied Business has become more of a playground for my heart. The space is hugely supportive for anything that comes up, both business related as well as energy related. The visualisations that Tara takes us through are very powerful and have helped me align to my ways of being that can help create a sustainable business. More importantly, the space is hugely supportive for anything that comes up, both business related as well as energy related. Even though they are not typical 'results', I have experienced mighty shifts in a very short period of time. I would highly recommend the programme if you are looking at accessing your own true way of doing business.

Tijana Mitrovic

Spiritual coach and Theta Healing Instructor

I am truly grateful to be part of the gentle and nourishing space that Embodied business is. The approach addresses my whole being and the people in this space are so supportive and helpful too. Connecting with Tara feels like I finally came home. I feel seen and heard and she has helped me tremendously to create and establish a soul-aligned business as well as build a healthier relationship with myself. Tara is not only wise but caring, and her gentle approach makes a huge difference in my life. Previously I had spent years working with different coaches and I kept feeling stuck or not getting the results my soul desired. Here, I've learned how to make steady grounds in my life, how to nurture myself more and build a strong and thriving foundation for my business, making room for my life to bloom. All areas of my life have been shifting and expanding through the program, and the 1-2-1 sessions with Tara are golden for me. This is the right space for anyone who wants to create or advance a soul-led business that brings them joy and freedom.

Chetna Halai

Embodied Business is a space where I can access deeper parts of myself. It's a space that supports those who want to show up in the world in a much deeper way, and it's not for people who want to be told what to do. This is a way that supports living in the world in different ways.

Stacey Lum

The Facial. Inspired Health

In the Embodied Business space I feel nurtured, it is a space where you can be seen and valued exactly where you are. It is really a self-paced place where you can go as deep as you want. What is most valuable is having silent time to sit, listen and feel what is coming alive for me in the moment.

Rosemary Messmer

Light Up Your Heart

I've been drawn to Tara's energy from the first time I heard her talk. Her content is well laid out and easy to access, and the whole Embodied Business space is warm and supportive. I don't have a single regret about joining!

Lulu Kitololo

Lulu Kitololo Studio

Tara really creates the most conducive, warm, and safe environment for what is intimate and powerful work! The sessions are calming and grounding, reminding me that I have 'got this.' It’s a space which recognises a different way of doing things – honouring sensitive people.

Jody Woodbridge

Spiritual Wellness

The space Tara has created in Embodied Business membership is divine, nourishing, peaceful, empowering, expansive and so much more. I love knowing I have the space & time carved out each month to spend it with like-minded wonderful women, take part in visualisations, and continue my deep dive of personal development & healing that I started in Tara's 11-week Business Chakras Alchemy course.

Karin Huber


Embodied Business is a safe space and an anchor for me. It is a space with no "should" and "have to". It is a space where I can be, align and create from. It is a space where I am invited to try out and experiment with a new way of being in business and doing business. I never felt at ease with the word business. The Embodied Business space and Tara's work is helping me to re-define business in a new way as being in business and doing business by being fully me and embodying who I am. I love the network of gentle souls that gather in that space and really appreciate how deeply and safely Tara is holding the space and is lovingly guiding us. Thank you for this truly unique and beautiful space.