A mind-heart-soul space for empath entrepreneurs

A space for empathpreneurs to receive guidance and nourishment for the practical and magical parts of their business. Regularly connect to and 'work' alongside the soul of your business and offers; clear, release and heal ongoing limiting beliefs and 'blocks'; align with your truth; and take grounded, aligned action.

Do you believe that business gets to be whatever you desire and support you in every way?
Are you here to co-create with your business and create soul-aligned offers, for the people that need and want them?
Are you done with the ‘pushing’ and ‘just get it done’ approach of doing business?
Are you looking for an alchemical space to hold and nourish yourself while taking aligned action in your business as you are guided?
Do you want to create community, as well as give and receive support to and from other empath entrepreneurs?

If the answer is yes, I invite you to join ‘Embodied Business®’, a space for empath entrepreneurs.

✨ It’s a space for empath entrepreneurs to receive guidance, align and tune into where you are being called in your business – that might be practical action, it might be extra nourishment and support or doing what it takes to align with your next level.
✨ It includes practical, grounded action support and workshops/content so you share and show up in the world, reaching your aligned audience, in alignment with the chakras.
✨ It’s about clearing ongoing ‘blocks’ and tuning into what you need on a regular basis so that you align and take action.
✨ It’s about creating community – supporting and being held by other empath entrepreneurs.
✨ It’s also about working with the deep wisdom of YOUR body.

What you receive each month


🥰 A 30 minute 1-2-1 session each month to support you personally.


🌈 A monthly group Colour Mirrors video to support you with self-love, self-care, aligning more with your truth and leaning into the Divine. This is posted in the Facebook group at the beginning of the month. 

☀️ A guided visualisation/activity to connect to the 'Soul of your business' in a different way each month. To deepen and nurture your connection and remind you of this support available at all times. This is posted on Teachable at the beginning of the month.


Alignment and self-support (mind, body, soul): Live sessions

For the live sessions, calls are generally on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday and dates/times are confirmed for the month in advance. They will vary to support different time zones.

🌀 A 1 hour live group regression/visualisation to support you with tuning into any ongoing ‘blocks’ or patterns that you want to release and aligning with your truth.
🔥 A 90 minute live ‘Aligned action’ session, to come together and take action on what wants to happen in your business, or life (sometimes we just need a nap)! It starts with a short visualisation and then the rest of the session is for what you have been guided to ‘do’ or ‘be’.
✨Bi-weekly drop-in co-working sessions on Zoom, for when you just need to get things done.

📚 A monthly workshop or class recording on a variety of areas covering practical and magical themes (in alignment with the chakras – please see below) plus wellbeing, including from guest speakers. These are live where possible.
💫 Most months also include a mini ‘challenge’ or immersive experience, which can be supportive to help keep up momentum and dive into a topic in a different way.

Planned and existing topics already in the space (which are shared as workshops or immersive experiences) include:
• Using the alchemy of colour to support you in your business
• Chakras wellbeing for holistic health
• Balancing the feminine and masculine in business

Base chakra
• Business basics – systems, processes and grounded support (includes a workbook with templates and resources)
• Aligning your pricing
• Creating a sustainable business
• Creating aligned offers and sharing/selling them
• Money mindset tools, including tuning into the energy of money

Sacral chakra
• Expanding your capacity to receive
• Creative business visioning
• Design and branding tips to create your unique style

Solar plexus chakra
• Working with the seasons and cycles in business
• Elevating your energy levels
• Deep nourishment for yourself and your business

Heart chakra
• Social media strategies that work for you
• Social media love - connecting with aligned audiences on a platform of your choice
• Sharing your story - un-earthing the treasures
• Marketing tips and tools - creating opt-ins and newsletters to grow your audience
• Selling and launching in an aligned way to reach your people - mindset, practicals and more

Throat chakra
• PR and working with the media
• Guest posting
• Ancestral healing for visibility

Third Eye chakra
• Heart-centred business planning
• Quantum leaping into your vision

Crown chakra
• Aligning your business and life to work for you
• Co-creating with your business and offers

Visualisations in the space include:

• Fear of rejection
• Connecting with your female power
• Letting go
• Stepping into your truth - letting go of old identities and aligning with who you really are
• Receiving support
• Re-birthing experience
• Coming back to centre
• Witch persecution regression

Recordings and content are all saved on Teachable and the most recent full sessions (from the previous month) are saved in the FB group. You have access to the content for as long as you are in the space.


Community building:

🌍 Three live online networking (or 'Connecting') events per year, using Zoom rooms (in which non-members can pay to join, so that you will get the opportunity to connect with others). These generally happen in February and May and November. You can see more here.
🌍 There are optional breakout rooms at the end of the live sessions to connect with other members.



✨ My intention is also to have a growing directory where you can list your services/offerings, so that others can find your details and ways to collaborate and work together. Your details will remain in here even if you leave the space.

✨ There are feature opportunities in my newsletter, and I also want to feature members and their gifts in the space.

✨ There are bonus wellbeing sessions in some months (a past one is a Somatic mostly-floor-based, gentle yoga class).

🌙 The group space is held on Facebook, and as well as the above, I encourage you to use the space for support, sharing intentions, showing up, practicing being more visible, sharing successes, plus more.

🌟 Optional: you can also choose to receive a 30 minute one-to-one session each month to support you personally. Pricing for this is below.

This space is for you if:
✨You are a healer, conscious entrepreneur, heart-centred leader, creative and/or changemaker who knows you are here to make a difference in the world with your unique gifts.
✨You are looking for a space to hold and support you, so you can fully align with your guidance and deeply ground what you are being called to do and be in the world.
✨You want to lean into the magic of co-creation and working together with the energy of your business and offers.
✨You are ready to celebrate and support others as they do the same for you, as you deeply feel and know that we all need one another and for change to happen we need to support one another and all feel held, heard and seen.
✨You know you need to regularly align and shed the limiting beliefs, fears and doubts that can pop up on this journey as you move into new levels of yourself, your leadership and your work.
✨You’re ready to create the life and business you know you desire – taking massive aligned action when it calls, plus honouring the seasons of rest, whilst taking radical care of yourself as the vessel for what you are bringing through.
✨You want to lean into the power and magic of group containers, as a space of alchemy to create from and thrive in your business (and life).

Cost and time commitment

One year commitment with the option after to continue on a monthly rolling basis.

- Monthly price is £400 in total, which includes a 30 minute 1-2-1 each month (12 in total), with me (Tara - whilst there is availability, in future it will be with another coach), and membership in the space.

- If paying in full the price is £4400 (you get one month free) and it includes a 30 minute 1-2-1 each month (12 in total) and membership in the Embodied Business space.

The space opens for new members every few months, and the price goes up each time (once you are in the space - your investment stays the same for the entire time you are in it) to account for the content being added.



✨Receive the 11-week Business Chakras Alchemy course when it next runs live, which includes lifetime access, to heal, release and clear business blocks in alignment with the chakras. You can read more about what this includes here. This will be coordinated with you after the cooling off period.


✨Receive the Embodied Creation course when it next runs live, to co-create with the energies and what is calling to come through you at this time. You can read more about what this includes here. This will be coordinated with you after the cooling off period.

Pay in full bonus:

✨Receive a Soul Colour Mirrors numerology reading on your soul path alongside your business name (and name of an offering if you choose). This will include your challenges and gifts, what you came in to do here and how you can use this to support you in business and life, as well as the vibration of your business name and/or offer – its vision, energy and mission. It includes a PDF of your reading and a 1 hour call to go over it in more depth. You can read more about what this includes here. This will be coordinated with you after the cooling off period.

Doors are now open to join in October 2022.

REFUND POLICY: There is an 11 day ‘cooling off’ period after you join in which if you decide it’s not for you I will refund you, no questions asked.

Katharina Oberlik

Performing Arts

Tara provides and holds the most loving and calm energy. Diving into my business from here feels so good, healing and revolutionary, as it reminds me of the true worth of me being here and sharing my purpose.
Looking and taking action in my business from this place of alignment with the body and the chakras feels healing and just right! The atmosphere in the group is open, vulnerable and very loving, and there are lots of resources to charge your system and find this new approach. Highly recommended!

Aparna Vemula

Whisper Within

Embodied Business has become more of a playground for my heart. There are no rules for how much to achieve or the goals I need to reach in order to grow my business. Instead, the modules are intuitive, easy to move through and the resources are more directed at aligning my energy to what wants to truly come through. More importantly, the space is hugely supportive for anything that comes up, both business related as well as energy related. I feel like I have found my tribe in the members of Embodied Business. It is such a comfort to have supportive companions on this entrepreneurial journey that is seldom easy.
Tara has that magic to hold a safe, yet creative container which is neither too daunting nor complacent in its nature. The sessions are spaced out really well to provide time for processing and applying into the business or even personal growth. Even though they are not typical 'results', I have experienced mighty shifts in a very short period of time. Being an empath and an introverted business owner, it was hard for me to understand my unique way of serving and connecting. The visualizations that Tara takes us through are very powerful and have helped me align to my ways of being that can help create a sustainable business.
When I first joined, I was in a lot of confusion over the ways and means of building a new business. It felt like I could never understand the marketing and sales strategies that I heard again and again in most business courses. I could see the practical applications but could not figure how well it aligned with my heart. Being in the Embodied Business space has helped me move through underlying fears and truly understand what my unique way of offering is that is indeed co-created with the soul of my business. This feels more aligned with me. Thank you Tara! 
I would highly recommend the programme if you are looking at accessing your own true way of doing business as well as having the practical guidance.

Tijana Mitrovic

Spiritual coach and Theta Healing Instructor

I am truly grateful to be part of the gentle and nourishing space that Embodied business is. The approach addresses my whole being and the people in this space are so supportive and helpful too. Connecting with Tara feels like I finally came home. I feel seen and heard and she has helped me tremendously to create and establish a soul-aligned business as well as build a healthier relationship with myself. Tara is not only wise but caring, and her gentle approach makes a huge difference in my life. Previously I had spent years working with different coaches and I kept feeling stuck or not getting the results my soul desired. Here, I've learned how to make steady grounds in my life, how to nurture myself more and build a strong and thriving foundation for my business, making room for my life to bloom. All areas of my life have been shifting and expanding through the program, and the 1-2-1 sessions with Tara are golden for me. This is the right space for anyone who wants to create or advance a soul-led business that brings them joy and freedom.

Chetna Halai

In this video Chetna shares how Embodied Business is:
  • - A space where she can access deeper parts of herself.
  • - There's a depth to the space that she was looking for.
  • - It's a space to find your own answers, connect with and activate your inner guidance.
  • - It's for those who want to show up in the world in a much deeper way, and it's not for people who want to be told what to do.
  • - We need to be living in the world in different ways and this is a way that supports that.

Stacey Lum

The Facial. Inspired Health

In the Embodied Business space I feel nurtured, it is a space where you can be seen and valued exactly where you are. There is so much content available. It is really a self-paced place where you can go as deep as you want. Having other members in the space also makes you realise that you share the same thoughts or have similar blocks along your path. It is comforting to see the vulnerability in that. What is most valuable is having silent time to sit, listen and feel what is coming alive for me in the moment. One on one support woven into the space is so helpful to propel specific visions or goals.

Rosemary Messmer

Light Up Your Heart

I've been drawn to Tara's energy from the first time I heard her talk. She has this calm, grounded, lovely, wise way about her! Her approach to business is just what I was looking for - a mix of practical and energetic wisdom! I love her guided visualizations the best, especially the ones that lead to aligned action. Her content is well laid out and easy to access, and the whole Embodied Business space is warm and supportive. I don't have a single regret about joining, and would love to have you jump in too!

Lulu Kitololo

Lulu Kitololo Studio

"Tara really creates the most conducive, warm and safe environment for what is intimate and powerful work!" In this video, Lulu shares:
  • - The power and support of having a group with likeminded people for support as an empath entrepreneur.
  • - It’s a space which recognises a different way of doing things – honouring sensitive people.
  • - How the varied sessions are such a support – including visualisations to tune into what’s really aligned for you at that time.
  • - How the calls are so calming and grounding and remind her that she has ‘got this’.

Jody Woodbridge

Spiritual Wellness

The space Tara has created in Embodied Business membership is divine, nourishing, peaceful, empowering, expansive and so much more. I love the monthly Colour Mirror reading. We all chose a bottle number at the end of September, not knowing what colour it would be, and when Tara shared each bottle & the meaning in the group for October, I couldn't believe how connected we all were.  It was like a thread linking them all together, and as soon as I saw my colour bottle, I just knew it was mine. I love knowing I have the space & time carved out each month to spend it with like-minded wonderful women, take part in visualisations, and continue my deep dive of personal development & healing that I started in Tara's 11-week Business Chakras Alchemy course. Here is a short video interview with Jody sharing a little more on her experience.

Karin Huber


Embodied Business is a safe space and an anchor for me. It is a space with no "should" and "have to". It is a space where I can be, align and create from. It is a space where I am invited to try out and experiment with a new way of being in business and doing business. I never felt at ease with the word business. The Embodied Business space and Tara's work is helping me to re-define business in a new way as being in business and doing business by being fully me and embodying who I am. I love the network of gentle souls that gather in that space and really appreciate how deeply and safely Tara is holding the space and is lovingly guiding us. Thank you for this truly unique and beautiful space. You can watch a video testimonial with Karin here. Working with Tara on a 1-2-1 basis has been life-changing for me. It has enabled me to truly and fully embrace a new way of being, doing and creating in my life. It allowed me to enter a space of not-knowing with my body as a guide in the void that opened up. What makes Tara's support so special and unique is her broad range of experience and expertise. This means that no matter what comes up in a session with her she is able to be there to support. We had deep intuitive sessions working on emotional blocks, magical sessions creating new offers, drafting action plans, as well as sessions where I could benefit immensely from her practical and technical knowledge of running a business. To have Tara as a guide by my side, holding space for me on this journey is something I am deeply grateful for.

Nicola Humber

Founder of The Unbound Press and Transformational Writing Mentor

My session with Tara blew my mind! Both the colour mirrors and numerology that came through gave me SO much insight and affirmation.  The way Tara held the space and shared different perspectives was incredibly powerful. I felt (and continue to feel!) so beautifully supported by what emerged during the session. I'd recommend a reading with Tara to anyone who's looking for a sense of direction and deep clarity around what they're here to do in the world.

Why I started this space

When I first began my empathpreneurial journey I felt so alone. I was feeling called to be more vocal about my spiritual gifts, but that literally felt like walking to my death. I had years of experience working and freelancing in PR, marketing, business operations and as a VA and PA, but felt lost when it came to bridging the two worlds. I was craving a community of likeminded people and a place where I could be both spiritual and take grounded, practical action (double Virgo here, and I am all about grounding the magical).

It also turns out I had a lot of shedding and letting go to do, moving through fears, blocks, limiting beliefs and resistance (and if you are being called to do that on a deeper level I invite you to take a look at my 11-week programme ‘Business Chakras® Alchemy’), and this continues to come up for me as I move into new levels of what I am being called to do and be. So having the space to do this as it comes up is essential.

I also began to connect with my intuition on a regular basis, which led me to look after my wellbeing on a whole new level so that I can be the most I can be, and above all hold space for what I am being called into every day. This then led to connecting to the energy of my business and offers, so that I work with them and let them guide me – something that continues to be the most magical source of inspiration and fun for me. I truly know we are so supported by the Divine and here to co-create with it, bringing in a new way of working.

Now I want to share this and hold space for you to do the same. I know that for the world to change, empaths are a huge part of this, but you have to feel supported, understood and nourished to allow you to connect to your truth, and what you are here to bring in.

If you have any other questions or would like to feel into whether it is a fit for you, please book in a call with me here.

Why is it a one year commitment?

For real, lasting change to happen time is needed. Life is often busy and let’s be honest we are still mostly living in a world where we fill our time and space. To tune into what we are being called into and align with it, as well as clear blocks and limiting beliefs, we need to create the space and do the ongoing inner work, so this is to allow for that and for you to fully embody and align with your truth.

Tara’s Virtual Photo Shoot

A little about me, Tara

I am a business intuitive and mentor, Colour Mirrors alchemist, holistic health and wellness coach and the founder of Empathpreneurs®, a business service for empath entrepreneurs supporting them to align and ground their businesses with the chakras. I also support empathpreneurs to look at blocks through ancestral and past life healing, and colour therapy, so that they can feel safe to be seen and show up and express in the way they know they are here to. I have over 20 years of varied experience working in and with businesses ranging from global corporations and brands to soulpreneurs and hospitality entrepreneurs. I have worked full time, part time and freelance in many different roles from PR and marketing to HR, business operations and as a PA/VA. I am the creator of the 'Embodied Wisdom' oracle deck, and author of three books: ‘Embodied’, ‘Embodied Business’, and ‘Embodied Creation’. I am adopted from India, grew up in Kenya and now mostly live in the UK.